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University Withdrawal or Leave Process

This is for matriculated undergraduate students during the fall & spring semesters only. Students should stay in touch with the Office of the Dean of Students since this is a formal procedure that requires students to be active in managing the withdrawal until it is completed.

Deadline for University Withdrawal is the last day of classes. Our office cannot assist beyond the deadline.

Graduate Students - contact the Office of Graduate Studies, 315.312.3152, or [email protected]. 

Non-matriculated students - reference the Registration tab in your myOswego account

Individual course withdrawals - reference the Registration tab in your myOswego account

Students wanting to withdraw prior to the first day of the semester can do so by contacting the Registrar's Office

Sections on this page:

  • University Withdrawal Process
  • Medical Leave of Absence
  • Military Leave of Absence

Contact The Office Of The Dean Of Students

To inquire about the withdrawal process, the student may email [email protected] (students will need to use their oswego email) or call 315.312.5483.

The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. The student will receive further instructions by email. 


Consultation Meeting

As part of the process, the student will consult with the Office of the Dean of Students to help determine the procedure for withdrawal. Information and resources will be provided at this time.

Please note that only a student can initiate and complete the withdrawal process. Families and others are welcome to consult.

Consult With The Following Departments

Students should also consult with the following and inquire about the financial and academic implications of your withdrawal. You will need to contact the offices directly:

If applicable, contact the following offices at any point in time and inform them of your intention to withdraw:

Submit Withdrawal Request

Guidance will be provided to help the student determine the appropriate process for a university withdrawal. Students will complete the process using an online system. Once a student initiates the online form, instructors will provide a last date of attendance to determine the withdrawal date.

If a student is not able to complete an online process, the student should call the Office of the Dean of Students for assistance 315-312-5483.

Finalizing The Withdrawal

After the student completes the process (including submission of any required documents) the student will receive an email that confirms completion of withdrawal.

Return to campus after a withdrawal: Students seeking readmission to the College must apply by completing the online Application for Readmission form found at  Readmission process | Registrar.


  • Before the drop deadline, registered courses are removed from the transcript.
  • After the drop deadline, a “W” grade is assigned to each course.
  • Withdrawal grades do not affect overall GPA.
  • For some withdrawals, a hold is placed on future registration. If already registered for future semesters, the courses will be removed

Medical Leave Of Absence

A matriculated student who withdraws from the University for medical reasons may apply for a Medical Leave of Absence. A Medical Leave for physical or psychological health reasons is intended to allow a student sufficient time away from campus for a sustained recovery and/or stability, and for activities that contribute to a successful return.

The Dean of Students or their designee will review documentation that supports the Medical Leave of Absence, consult with the student about the procedures, and make the final decision about granting the Medical Leave. Depending on the date of the withdrawal, a medical leave may provide a benefit to the student in terms of W grades and financial liability.

Submit Documentation (Medical)

Students who wish to leave campus on a Medical Leave must also complete the University Withdrawal process. Documentation from a licensed medical or psychological expert is required, that indicates how the student’s personal health is impacting their ability to complete the current semester. Ensure that a clinician or physician provides information within one week of request to withdraw.

Letter from clinician or physician must be on official letterhead and include the following (Contact info. is found at the bottom of the page):

  • Specific issues, diagnosis/medical issues leading to recommendation to withdraw;
  • Date of evaluation and any other points of contact with the student;
  • Recommended course of action or treatment.

Return To Campus From Medical Leave

Requests for return from medical leave require a letter from the student along with a letter from the student’s clinician(s) documenting the student's treatment and readiness to return. These materials must be received by the Office of the Dean of Students at least 30 days prior to the start of the semester in which the student expects to return.

The Dean of Students must approve the student’s return. Once a student is cleared to return from a medical leave, their previous academic standing will apply.

Medical Leave Readmission (PDF)

Military Leave Of Absence

A matriculated student who is called up to active duty with the military or deployed for military action is eligible for a Military Leave of Absence. A Military Leave of Absence will facilitate a student’s return to Oswego if the student wishes to return within one year from the date of discharge from active service or return from deployment. Please see the policy and procedures for students called to active duty Veteran and Military Services | SUNY Oswego.

Students are asked to speak with the Office of the Dean of Students to initiate the process. Students are required to provide hard copies of their Orders (one copy is needed for withdrawal documentation), consult with the Office of Financial Aid and inform the Veteran and Military Coordinator

Return To Campus From Military Leave

To return to Oswego, a student on Military Leave of Absence must notify the Registrar’s Office of their intent to return to Oswego. A student on Military Leave of Absence may participate in the Advance Registration period only after they have notified the Registrar’s Office. Documentation of discharge or reassignment will be required.

If the Military Leave of Absence expires, a student must follow the procedures for readmission to the University.

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