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Student Teaching Resources

Undergraduate and graduate education programs culminate in two immersive 7-week student teaching experiences.

Under collaborative supervision of college personnel and practitioners from the field, we provide opportunities in diverse classrooms in order to practice the integrated knowledge gained in courses. The Clinical Practice and Partnerships Office assists with establishing student teaching placements in New York State. Placements are also available in Australia, New Zealand, and London, England.

A student teacher helping young children with their work

For questions regarding student teaching placements:

Dr. Joanne O'Toole
Student Teaching Coordinator, Curriculum and Instruction Department
[email protected]


The following documents will help guide your planning and work as a student teacher, supervisor, or cooperating teacher. Download and print all files relevant to your work.

Student Teaching Handbook (PDF)

General Forms
Residency Forms
Adolescence Education-English Language Arts 7-12
Adolescence Education-Mathematics 7-12
Adolescence Education-Modern Languages 7-12
Adolescence Education-Sciences 7-12
Adolescence Education-Social Studies 7-12
Art Education
Childhood Education 1-6
Special Education

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