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Field Experience and Placement

Field experiences are integrated into Blocks One, Two, and Three for undergraduate juniors and seniors for all Curriculum and Instruction education majors. Graduate students complete their required field experiences before student teaching. All MST courses are in-person and are only offered at our downtown Syracuse Campus. Two full-time, full-semester field experiences are in the Syracuse City School District. 

See your advisor for field experience program requirements. Registration and Orientation information may be found at Curriculum and Instruction Field Experience.

Field Placement

Field Placement information may be found at Curriculum and Instruction Student Teaching and Student Teaching Placements.

For Field Placement, you must attend a "sign-up" day after registering. The office is located at 175 Wilber Hall and sign-ups take about 20 minutes to complete. The schedule will be posted on the Clinical Practice and Partnerships Office website. Please be sure to bring the following with you:

  • A pen
  • A copy of your detailed course schedule
  • Your photo ID
  • Your driver's license

Note that both your driver's license and a second photo ID are needed.

Field Experience

Ready to Student Teach? 

Print the Undergraduate Student Teaching Application for Academic Review Form (PDF) and return it to the C&I Advisement Office, 102 Wilber Hall. 

Application Deadlines: 

  • Spring: September 12 
  • Fall: February 14 

Note: If you plan to student teach in NYC, please be sure to complete the additional application(s). 

Evaluation Form A

EDU 300/303

Evaluation Form B

ADO 593

SPE 303/363/393/583/593

Evaluation Form C

ADO 313/513, 323 (TESOL), 333/533, 343/543, 353/553

CED 393

Field Placement Timesheet

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