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Sheldon Hall at night

Curriculum and Instruction Department

The beginnings of our future start in the classroom, where teachers shape the minds of tomorrow. Create diverse, effective, and creative experiences for learners of all ages through Oswego's childhood, adolescence and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) K-12 education programs.

SUNY Oswego’s Curriculum and Instruction Department has a long standing history of providing innovative and beneficial teaching methods for the students. Since its establishment by Edward Austin Sheldon in 1861 as the Oswego Primary Teachers' Training School, SUNY Oswego has crafted the instruction of teachers into a high quality educational program.

The primary mission of the Curriculum and Instruction Department is the preparation of socially conscious teachers, in the areas of Childhood, Adolescence and TESOL Education, who promote the authentic learning of all students. As the largest department in SUNY Oswego’s School of Education, the goal is to prepare teachers with the knowledge to work in the public and private schools in New York, the northeast region, and the nation.

headshot of Dr. Harrison Yang

Dr. Harrison Yang honored as Distinguished Teaching Professor

Excellence both inside and beyond the classroom has earned Harrison Yang of Oswego’s Curriculum and Instruction department the rank of SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, a top honor in the statewide system.

headshot of David Parisian

Dr. David Parisian received the Humanitarian Heart Award from Heartmath Institute

“… it’s the heart that one needs to be educated on, the heart that can bring emotions into alignment, the heart that will take your learning, your community’s learning, our planet’s learning to the next level and beyond.” - David Parisian

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