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C&I Advisement Center

The Curriculum and Instruction Advisement Center is available to all undergraduate Childhood Education 1-6, Adolescence Education 7-12, and TESOL Education K-12 teacher candidates as a resource as they navigate their majors.

The Advisement Center aids students in choosing appropriate courses, helps foster relationships with the department and advisors, and provides students with the tools to make informed decisions about career and life goals.

Advisement Coordinators

Childhood Education, Adolescence Education, and TESOL Education majors

Sandra's Appointment Scheduler  Beth's Appointment Scheduler

headshot of Sandra Kyle
Advisement Coordinator

Sandra Kyle

headshot of Beth Smith
Assistant Advisement Coordinator

Beth Smith

headshot of Alissa Canale Barfield
Office Assistant

Alissa Canale Barfield

Graduate Assistant Advisors

Drop-in Hours

Graduate Assistant Drop-in Hours for Spring 2024 are to be determined.  Graduate Assistant Advisors are trained graduate students currently enrolled in a masters program at SUNY Oswego, who assist with academic advisement.

GA Advisor Appointments

Graduate Assistant Advisor
Art Education K-12 MAT

Jenna Carpenter

Graduate Assistant
Curriculum and Instruction B-12 MSED

Haley Muehl

Graduate Assistant
Literacy Education B-12 MSED

Kayla Pinaud

Graduate Assistant Advisor
Curriculum and Instruction B-12 MSED

Abigail Walker

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C&I Advisement Center

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