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Special Events and Programs

Hollywood POV

Register for this 3 credit online summer course and then travel to Los Angeles in August to see Hollywood's inner workings! You will have behind-the-scenes access to large budget television and film projects, directly from industry professionals. By taking advantage of this fun and collaborative summer course, you will meet with communication studies alumni who are currently working on the west coast. Several students who have attended the Hollywood POV now live and work in LA, and continue to support this program by providing opportunities for current and future students. For more information:

Hollywood POV site

New York City POV

Register for this 3 credit online summer course and then travel to New York City to further your knowledge of public relations, media and event venues in the city! More information for this program will be available soon.

Dr. Lewis B. O'Donnell Media Summit

Our annual Media Summit is a tremendous opportunity for students to have access to leading industry professionals, without leaving the SUNY Oswego campus. Prestigious guests and alumni will arrive to campus in the fall semester to discuss current and future media trends.These professionals will be attending classes, providing career advice and the summit will culminate with a live broadcast. Get involved in this premier event and have your questions answered about trending topics in the media. Students can become actively involved with the summit by escorting guests, providing marketing/public relations/social media, delivering technical support for the broadcast, and/or being a participant. For more information: 

Media Summit Site


NYC Career Connections Site


Quest is an annual symposium dedicated to sharing the scholarly and creative pursuits of students, faculty, and staff of SUNY Oswego. To get involved you may submit your work in the form of scholarly papers, panels, debates, plays, readings, recitals, and demonstrations, or act as an audience participant in this on-campus conference. For more information about last spring's event, please visit the Quest homepage.


Comm Week

Every year, the communication studies department hosts a week-long series of events to celebrate our students, faculty and alumni. During Comm Week our student organizations provide creative programming to engage the entire university in spotlighting our department. This wide range of events includes live music, award shows, guest speakers, competitions, and fun opportunities for everyone to get involved. Visit our department's Facebook page to see photos from past Comm Weeks.

Comm Studies Facebook page