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Anthropology Courses with Research and Training Features

The Anthropology Department offers courses that get students experience in research, oral public presentations, and practical laboratory training beginning from the very first year of classes to the last senior CAPSTONE in the Anthropology program. Our program provides extensive experience in very single aspect of research design, oral presentation, and data analysis within our discipline, which is unique for both its STEM designation and humanities aspect.

We highlight just a few of these courses and experiences below:

  • ANT 112 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology - Poster Symposium
  • ANT 230 Introductory Archaeology DIG
  • ANT 337 Archaeology, Historic Preservation, and Cultural Resource Management
  • ANT 410 Contemporary Topics in Anthropology CAPSTONE
  • ANT 380 Archaeology Field School

ANT 112 Poster Symposium

First year classes form small groups and present key parts of the ethnographies they read during class for peer and faculty feedback on posters they create.

ANT 230 Introductory Archaeology DIG 

Student form small teams and undertake a multi-week excavation in the DIG LAB complete with artifact analysis, report writing, and class presentation of findings and interpretation.

ANT 337 Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Management Class Project

Students learn basic skills in the profession of archaeology, historic preservation and NAGPRA with a real-life project on historic preservation within CNY. 


ANT 410 CAPSTONE project

Students individually propose their own research projects (in ANT 310 Research Methods), collect and analyze data, write an original thesis, and present their findings in the QUEST symposium for the Anthropology CAPSTONE sessions.