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Admissions Promise Program

SUNY Oswego believes there is a pathway for every applicant to our college. Selected students who do not qualify for admission directly as a first-year student may be admitted to the Admission Promise Program (APP). Through this program, students will enroll at a community college and, after meeting program requirements, are guaranteed a spot at Oswego.

Program Requirements

Participating students will be conditionally admitted to Oswego through the APP provided they complete the following steps:

  • Complete the APP form.
  • Successfully complete at least 24 credit hours at a community college between the fall and spring semesters.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA requirement of 2.5 or higher before transferring into most programs. Students applying for an Education program must meet a 3.0 GPA requirement.

The APP is intended only for students who begin at a community college. However, for students interested in Oswego who choose to begin at a college other than a community college, we can advise you on courses that will transfer and help you apply to Oswego as a transfer student. Simply contact Admissions for assistance.


Transferring to Oswego

While many students choose to transfer after a year at community college, there are benefits to earning your Associate’s Degree before transferring, such as to maximize savings. Reverse transfer is also an option for students looking to earn their Associate’s Degree.

Applying to Oswego as a Transfer

If you applied as a first-year student and were directed to the APP, your original application can be updated. If you did not originally submit a first-year application to Oswego, you will need to apply and pay the fee (or submit a Fee Waiver based on income) once you’re ready to transfer from the community college.

When to Apply

While there are benefits to earning your Associate’s Degree, many students come to Oswego after only one year (two full semesters) at the community college. Our APP advisors will work with you on the plan that’s best for you based on your high school transcript and intended major at Oswego.

Credit Transfer

In SUNY, we guarantee the courses you take will transfer. Even by beginning at a partner community college, you can finish your Bachelor’s Degree at SUNY Oswego in four years.

Any college credits you earned while in high school will transfer to Oswego, but you will still need to earn college credits after high school to enroll at Oswego through the APP. Exactly how many credits will depend on your grades in high school and your intended major at Oswego. The maximum number of credits that can be applied from a 2-year college is 60 and from a 4-year institution is 90. SUNY Oswego also accepts College-Level Examination Placement (CLEP), Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and Military credit.

More information can be found by visiting our Transfer page. Students can request credit evaluations at any time and can work with our admissions counselors to get course recommendations by contacting the Admissions Office. The APP advisors will be able to tell you exactly how many community college credits you will need to earn after high school, and the required GPA.

Transfer Services

Approximately 40% of SUNY Oswego’s population are transfer students, which means you will not be alone. Oswego offers many academic support and student services to help facilitate a seamless transition for our transfer students. There are also some transfer-specific scholarships available.

Participating Community Colleges

Most students choose the community college closest to their home, but you are free to attend whichever SUNY community college you prefer. Community colleges are just like most colleges: they are different sizes, offer different majors, some are in rural areas, some are in or close to cities, many in fact offer housing!


SUNY Adirondack
Clinton Community College
Columbia-Greene Community College
Fulton-Montgomery Community College
Herkimer County Community College
Hudson Valley Community College
Jefferson Community College
Mohawk Valley Community College
North Country Community College
Schenectady County Community College


SUNY Broome
Cayuga Community College
Corning Community College
Onondaga Community College
Tompkins-Cortland Community College


Dutchess Community College
Fashion Institute of Technology
Nassau Community College
Rockland Community College
Suffolk County Community College
SUNY Orange
SUNY Sullivan
SUNY Ulster
Westchester Community College


Erie Community College
Finger Lakes Community College
Genesee Community College
Jamestown Community College
Monroe Community College
Niagara Community College

Students who choose to start at a CUNY community college will be included on a case-by-case basis until a formal agreement is reached with CUNY.

Complete the APP form and indicate your preferred community college. One of our advisors will reach out to you to see if the APP is the right choice for you.

As a transfer student, I would highly encourage other transfer students to look at Oswego State. They have provided me a smooth transition, they have an incredible amount of helpful and knowledgeable staff, and many academic and extra-curricular programs that will always keep you busy and growing.


For more information on the Oswego APP, contact the Office of Admissions at 315-312-2250 or email our transfer counselors at [email protected].