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Register for Accommodations

When requesting accommodations, please self-disclose your disability as soon as possible. Some accommodations require early planning, and it cannot be guaranteed that all requests for accommodations will be met if an untimely request is made. Untimely requests may result in a delay, substitution, or denial of an accommodation. If participating in off-campus programs including internships and student teaching we encourage you to request accommodations at least one semester prior to your experience.

1. Visit Accessibility Resources and Meet with a Coordinator

Stop in to Accessibility Resources (155 Marano Campus Center) and meet with our coordinators to establish accommodations, discuss the accommodation process, and complete registration paperwork. 

Determination of appropriate accommodations is a collaborative process between the student and the Coordinator. If at any time you require additional accommodations please contact the office immediately to make those changes.

Online and Syracuse Campus students: Please call the office (315-312-3358) and speak to one of our coordinators.

2. Provide Documentation

Provide documentation of your disability and accommodations requested to Accessibility Resources. Documentation must meet college requirements, please review our guidelines before submitting. We recommend submitting your information early to ensure accommodations are in place by the start of the semester. 

Documentation Guidelines

Transfer Students: Please ask your prior institution to forward your documentation to Accessibility Resources.

3. Receive Your Accommodation Letters

Your accommodation letters will be emailed to your email address. Letters will be ready within two days after meeting with our coordinator. 

4. Meet with Your Professors

We recommend meeting with your professors to discuss your accommodations during their office hours instead of class time.

5. Re-register Each Semester

Let us know immediately if you are struggling with a class or an accommodation. That is the only way we will know if something is not working. Stop in and see us to let us know how things are going and share your success!