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Medical Housing Accommodations

Accessibility Resources refers to the ADA and Fair Housing Act to comply with federal and state mandates to provide reasonable housing accommodations. The following interactive process has been developed to insure equitable and individualized review of a student’s needs and requested accommodations. The Coordinator of Accessibility Resources only reviews the information that students provide.

Below are the action steps required to initiate this process:

Application Process

Students may begin submitting completed requests based on the following schedule. This schedule is a guide and submissions after these dates documentation will still be reviewed:

  • April 1: Returning Student Academic Year (fall/spring)
  • May 1: New Student Academic Year (fall/spring)
  • November 1: Returning and New Student spring semester


Step 1. Apply for Campus Housing and Complete a Student Information Form

All returning students who wish to receive on-campus housing must submit a housing application. Incoming students who will be starting at SUNY Oswego (as first-years and transfers) must complete the New Student Housing Application. New students will receive information about their housing process with their enrollment information. Housing applications are available at

All students wanting housing accommodations need to download and complete a Student Information Form each semester, which needs to be submitted along with your documentation, and confirmation of your housing application. Download the Student Information form using the button above.

Step 2. Contact Provider(s)

Students are leading this process. You will need to reach out to one or multiple of the licensed physicians/clinicians you are working with to request documentation of your disability. Documentation is both a requirement to begin the process and objective justification for the Coordinator in considering the nature of your request.

Review for accuracy

It is up to the student to ensure that the documentation contains all your information in its entirety. Documentation that is incomplete or difficult to read, may require that it be submitted again which may delay the process. Documentation needs to be on the provider’s letterhead and be signed by the licensed provider.

Note to student(s): Students should work with their medical providers at least six weeks before the deadlines. In our experience, medical providers are busy and for students who are working to secure documentation from multiple medical providers, you will have to be diligent to ensure that you have all of your documentation. Students should review the documentation and ensure that the medical provider has submitted documentation the information is legible. If you are unable to read it, the Coordinator may have a difficult time reviewing the information. The Coordinator will not contact providers on your behalf and will render a decision based on the information submitted. The Coordinator is unable to make a decision without supporting documentation.

Step 3. Complete and Submit the Student Information Form and Documentation

Completed documentation and Student Information Forms should be submitted as an attachment to [email protected] to ensure your confidential information is not compromised. Download the Student Information form using the button above. Complete and submit all required forms and requested documentation at least 60 days prior to need (unless sudden emergency or injury). All documentation must be submitted electronically through the [email protected] email and not via fax. Screenshots or pictures will not be accepted.

Submitting a request

Upon receipt of the request, you will be notified about the next steps, if any, or any decisions made, as soon as administratively possible.

Incomplete forms/request

If your request is incomplete or the required documentation is missing, the Coordinator will not review your request until all documentation is submitted. Failing to complete the required steps will likely result in having to resubmit your request and submitting your documentation again.

Disclaimer: Your request must be submitted annually. For example, if you received medical housing accommodations for 2021-2022, you must reapply and may need to submit updated documentation for 2022-2023. Once you submit a new Student Information Form, you will be notified if you need updated documentation. Download the Student Information form using the button above.

Await Notification

Applicants will receive a written determination of their request from the Coordinator of Accessibility Resources. If approved the Coordinator will contact you regarding further details. The Coordinator will consider each request on a case-by-case basis, but it is possible that a request will not be considered reasonable. Please note, in some instances, a consideration request will be approved but a student may need to be on the waitlist for the Coordinator to be able to place them in a reasonably determined space or for Facilities to process a request.

Appeal Process

When a request has been denied, a student may appeal the decision made within three (3) business days. Appeals must be submitted to Christy Huynh, Dean of Students, at [email protected] and Accessibility Resources at [email protected]