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Grievance Procedure

SUNY Oswego has adopted an internal grievance procedure for the provision of prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging discrimination. Students with a disability at SUNY Oswego, who consider themselves a victim of discrimination based on a disability, may file a grievance with the Affirmative Action Officer. Procedures for students wishing to file a discrimination grievance are identified in the SUNY Oswego Student Handbook, section on SUNY Oswego Policies, specifically under Discrimination and Filing Complaints. The Affirmative Action Officer shall receive any complaint of alleged discrimination, shall assist the complainant in defining the charge, and shall provide the complainant with information regarding the options for filing internal complaints or external complaints through the Federal Office of Civil Rights and / or the New York State Division of Human Rights.


Questions or concerns regarding policy, services, or allegations of non-compliance should be directed to the designated campus contact:

Dr. Starr Wheeler  
Coordinator of Accessibility Resources  
155 Marano Campus Center  
[email protected]

Students who believe they have experienced discrimination on the basis of disability and have been unable to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution with the designated campus contact and appropriate personnel may file a grievance with the Affirmative Action Officer. Students should contact:

Kendra Cadogan  
Office of Diversity and Inclusion 
710 Culkin Hall 
[email protected]