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Event and Program Accessibility

Individuals responsible for planning campus-sponsored events should adhere to the procedures below in order to facilitate accessibility.


Whenever possible, events should be scheduled at physically accessible locations. When viewed in its entirety, programs and activities should be readily accessible, or made accessible, through reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities.

Event Promotion and Accessibility Statement

Publications, including but not limited to brochures, registration forms, press releases, and posters announcing public programs and events should include an accessibility statement. The inclusion of the following statement on announcements and publications places the responsibility of requesting needed auxiliary aids and services on participants, and provides departmental staff with advance notice should they need to arrange for any requested accommodations.

Accessibility Statement
Persons with disabilities, needing accommodations to attend this event, should contact (name/department) at (phone #) three weeks in advance of the event.

Accommodation Request Timeframe

A reasonable advance notice of at least 3 weeks should be given by anyone requesting accommodations. However, with the goal of providing access to and participation in all College programs, services and activities, every effort will be made to respond to requests for reasonable accommodations within a reasonable time frame.


You may wish to consult with the ADA/504 Coordinator regarding auxiliary aids and services, resources available, agency referral, and the determination of the appropriateness of accommodations.