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Fall 2021 BFA Exhibition

With great pleasure and admiration, the Department of Art and Design at SUNY Oswego presents the fall, BFA graduating class of 2021.

When a student is accepted into the BFA, the road ahead can seem daunting and overwhelming with coursework and studio commitments. However, students rise to the challenge with dedication and enthusiasm. That cultivated talent always comes through in their BFA exhibition, their portfolio, and the work they share at the end of their senior year.

The class of 2021 should be proud, not only of the work they’ve produced but their success and attitude while working during a pandemic and uncertain times. It is a great pleasure to recognize this graduating class of BFA students! They’ve gone above and beyond demonstrating their growth and talent as creatives. This class has inspired me and given me ideas and outlets that I plan to pursue in my work. Thank you. I have no doubt that these students will succeed in all of their future endeavors and thrive as creative individuals.

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