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Gabrielle West

Gabrielle West
Graphic Design
[email protected]
Weedsport, NY 13166


Gabrielle West is a Graphic Designer and a concept artist from a small town called Jordan-Elbridge, NY. When they were young, they always watched cartoons and YouTube videos surrounding the “let’s play” community. Although their initial goal was to be a concept artist for video games, their wish was to make games or help out and have their art recognized by people they look up to. However, their goals didn’t stop there as she also developed a love for interior design, collecting design magazines and studying them. They were also helping XerStudios with his own game called “A Dark Place 2” with 3D designs and concept art. 

Artist Statement

When I was younger, around 13, I watched Sonic the Hedgehog on the screen, feeling inspired to create my own characters. Since then, I have been studying human figures and different clothing designs to make more human-like characters. I feel like the character’s design for the game’s theme helps point out that they came from that world and how they dress expresses their own personality. Especially coming from a long history of being exposed to horror movies and art, I love to draw body horror to help express my interest in that field. So many horror creators and gamers inspired me to be adequate in drawing things attaining to that community. These creators are not limited to Markiplier, ManlyBadassHero, Riskrim, and animators alike such as Lumpytouch. To get the feel of horror, you first let your mind go. As crazy as it sounds, draw the first thing that comes into your mind when you go down the list of things you see in a horror film or game. My personal goal is to make a game of my own. The art of a game really captivates people to play the game. It was like the building ground of itself before finalizing ideas. Without this, the game would have no appeal to the eye or any stepping stone of what theme the game is.