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aerial shot of SUNY Oswego campus overlooking Sheldon Hall

The Internal Control Department

The Internal Control Department is comprised of the Internal Control Officer (ICO), the Internal Control Coordinator, the Internal Control Review Team, and the Internal Control Campus Steering Committee. The ICO spearheads the campus' IC program and is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the organization's overall internal control system; coordinating the development and implementation of the campus' Internal Control Program; monitoring identified weaknesses and required corrective actions; ensuring that employees are informed of applicable policies and receive appropriate training; completes and submits Central Administration required reporting.

The IC Coordinator updates the assessable units list, records risk assessment results, and tracks IC area reviews and follow up activity. The IC Review Team analyzes areas to ensure they are functioning as expected and meet intended goals and objectives. The IC Campus Steering Committee evaluates the activity of the IC Department as a whole and educates members of the College community. View a copy of the Department of Internal Controls organizational chart.