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Ritu Radhakrishnan

headshot of Ritu Radhakrishnan

Department Chair
Associate Professor
Coordinator of the Social Studies Education Program
Chair of the Diversity Committee

Contact Information

110 Wilber Hall
[email protected]


Dr. Radhakrishnan's research focuses on how underlying philosophies of curriculum and forms of curriculum (explicit, implicit, and null) shape students’ learning experiences. She is interested in how students negotiate issues of race, class, and gender and the relations of power that may be revealed within forms of curriculum. Included in this focus is the role of the teacher and/or instruction; specifically, how the curriculum is enacted through instruction and how it is perceived by the students. She often focuses on the ways in which students’ agency and voice are shaped by the ways in which they interact with these forms of curriculum. Additionally, she is interested in how including arts, aesthetic education, and technology can serve as an agent for social justice through creating a more integrative and holistic curriculum.


  • Ph.D. Curriculum, Aesthetics, and Teacher Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014
  • MEd Middle Grades Education, University of Georgia, 2003
  • BA English/Women's Studies, Carleton College, 1998