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Chosen Name Policy FAQ's

Q: Why do we have a Chosen First Name Policy?

The policy brings us in line with recommendations for compliance with Title IX, SUNY and state guidance. It also promotes a campus ethos which welcomes and supports self-expression.

Q: Who does the policy effect?

Students and employees, as well as employees of College Auxiliary Services and the Research Foundation or Student Association who wish to be recognized by and use a different first name from their legal first name, and within community standards.

Q: Why would someone want to use a chosen first name?

There are plenty of reasons. Usually because of a personal identification (for example, transgender or transitioning persons), or for an “Americanization” of their legal name, particularly among our international colleagues and students.

Q: Does the policy allow me to change my legal name?

No.  Your chosen name is for College related communication and identification.  Your legal name remains unchanged.

Q: Where will I see a chosen first name?

You will see them on most internal communications, such as email, MyOswego, advising and class lists, housing lists, and mailroom. ID cards will also be affected, with the chosen first name on the front, and the legal name on the back. 

Q: How do I seek the use of a chosen first name?

Complete the Chosen Name Request Form and deliver it to Dean of Students or Human Resources

Q: How often can I request a chosen first name?

Requests are limited to one per academic year. See the full policy