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A group of women wearing sunglasses, shorts, and white T-shirts with colored powder on them from doing a Color Run

Student Learning Domains

Engaging Students

These learning domains were developed by the Student Affairs staff members during the 2021-2022 academic year. The domains articulate how the Division programs, services, and initiatives support student learning at SUNY Oswego.

The I Am Oz Speaker Series on March 5 featured sociologist Anthony Jack, an assistant professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and author of the book “The Privileged Poor." In it he discusses what it means to be a poor student going to an elite college, and how and why economically disadvantaged students struggle on wealthy campuses and what might be done differently to help these students succeed.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Students will have opportunities to learn about diverse identities and systemic privileges, identify their biases and the impact of these on others, engage across differences, gain an understanding of others’ perspectives and experiences, learn to advocate for themselves, and to create inclusive and affirming communities.

Student at Rice Creek Field Station kneeling in a garden holding her hand under a Monarch Butterfly


Students will have opportunities to understand the concepts of well-being while developing skills and strategies that enhance their own physical, behavioral, social, and emotional health. Well-being is the optimal state of living well and thriving. Well-being focuses on the holistic and purposeful growth of the total person and their surrounding community to create lifelong thriving community members.

Commencement graduation ceremony photo of a group of students with their degree


Students will have opportunities to increase their self-efficacy, the belief that through their own actions they can and will succeed in the pursuit of their goals. With high self-efficacy, students are able to embrace adversity as opportunity, generate innovative solutions to challenges, set meaningful goals, and establish firm belief in their own potential and capacity to achieve their aspirations.

Students tabling for Oswego Pride Alliance

Leadership Development

Students will have opportunities to explore the meaning of leadership as a process for developing individual and organizational capacities to affect impactful change within their communities. Leadership on campus is defined as purposeful, inclusive, ethical, and process-oriented practices. 

Sally and John Stroka, both alumni from the class of 1966, dropped off a large collection of items for the Winter Warm Up event that SHOP (Students Helping Oz Peers) hosted in 133 Marano Campus Center Feb. 15 through 17. At left accepting the donations is Helena Buttons, SHOP coordinator, and Jake Czaplicki, an intern with the Dean of Students Office.

Community Engagement

Students will have opportunities to explore their own values and how they can contribute to healthy and positive communities by examining the common good vs. individual wants or desires, understanding and adhering to community standards, and developing pride in the community. Students will have opportunities to be engaged as active community members who understand that their actions or inactions have an impact on those around them.

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