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Division of Student Affairs

We're Here To Support Your Success!

At SUNY Oswego, the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) has one singular focus – helping students be successful throughout their college journey. We believe that each admitted student has the capacity to graduate. Therefore, we have a responsibility to provide students with support and advocacy as they manage challenges.

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Serving a learning community of over 7,000 students where they can grow and thrive into future leaders.

Division of Student Affairs Leadership


The Division of Student Affairs collaborates to cultivate caring and inclusive communities that enhance student learning, growth, belonging, and well-being for all Lakers.


The Division of Student Affairs at SUNY Oswego leads higher education as champions for student success by creating a vibrant, welcoming campus culture so all Lakers thrive at the university and in their lives.


As the Division of Student Affairs pursues excellence, these values guide our
interactions, our decision-making, and ultimately the collective culture we build that
enables us to achieve our vision and mission. We value the following:

Diverse and Engaged Community

We actively foster a respectful and inclusive community of engaged learners where individual ideas, backgrounds and perspectives are valued and each community member knows that they belong. We strive to advance equity and social justice, remove barriers, and dismantle structures that systemically marginalize.

Holistic Student Learning

We are student-centered. We partner with students to create opportunities and share resources that advance their overall well-being, development, and learning.

Civility and Social Consciousness

We cultivate a campus community that values mutual respect, civility, and integrity. We hold ourselves and others accountable and encourage cultural humility, curiosity, and empathy. We take pride in our responsibility to the campus and act as stewards of campus and community resources.

Collaboration and Communication

We are committed to working cohesively through transparency and responsiveness to foster a collaborative working environment. We strive for meaningful communication with our students and colleagues.

Growth and Well-Being

We are dedicated to personal and professional learning through mentorship, staff development, critical thinking, innovation, and reflection. We are committed to the well-being of ourselves and our students.


Student Success

1. Provide new engagement, and wellbeing and advocacy initiatives to support student success.
2. In collaboration with the Financial Aid and Student Accounts offices, develop a
comprehensive model for introducing, reinforcing, and emphasizing financial literacy and
awareness throughout the year.
3. Create spaces and engagement opportunities for students to identify and connect with affinity
groups, so that they can develop a sense of belonging and understand what it means to be a
4. In collaboration with campus partners, map existing new student communication; identify
successes, redundancies, and gaps; and create a coordinated, streamlined new student first
year communication plan focused on student developmental milestones.

Academic and Creative Excellence

1. Develop three Living Learning Communities strategically created to support student success
and retention.
2. Submit a bid to host a regional student affairs professional conference within the next 3 years
that showcases innovations in DSA, highlights SUNY Oswego DSA practices & aspirational
models for the field.
3. Develop a BIPOC peer mentorship program geared toward FY student retention and
incoming first-year students to build sustainable academic, social, and emotional support
structures that increase belonging, persistence, and retention.
4. Develop 3-5 internships and up to 10 graduate fellowships to support the new MS in Higher
Education Leadership.

Inclusive Community

1. Through the coordinated collaboration of DSA departments, assessment data will be
collected to assess student utilization of DSA programs, facilities, and services to identify
inequities in usage.
2. Utilize institutional data and contemporary scholarship to identify specific initiatives DSA
can implement to address belongingness differentials across student populations.
3. Support institutional initiative to identify LBGTQ+ resources, administrative structures, and
system-level supports for this population.

Sustainable Institution

1. DSA will increase staff sense of belonging by enhancing and expanding staff professional
development opportunities, team development activities, and developing a division-wide
onboarding process.
2. DSA commits to offering at least 2 staff development programs this AY that educate DSA
staff members about choices that they can make to reduce their individual carbon footprint on
3. Each department within DSA will transition to a contemporary budgeting process that creates
financial stability and clarity and ensures utilization of funds for student success and other
stated priorities.

4. DSA will collaborate with campus colleagues to identify redundant software systems,
subscriptions, and platforms to eliminate inefficiencies, improve resource utilization, and
improve effectiveness within the division and beyond.


1. In collaboration with administrators at the Syracuse campus, and the Division of Extended
Learning, DSA will assess and address the needs of students in Syracuse/Online.
2. In partnership with Institutional Leadership, DSA leadership will work to identify ways to
enrich or renew community partnerships that support student learning/success.
3. Formalize, through MOUs or other agreements, relationships with medical support services
(Lakeview, Oswego Health Emergency Services) to enhance communication for the delivery
of positive student outcomes.
4. DSA will develop and strengthen relationships with parents and family supporters,
collaborating with key campus partners such as Development and Alumni Engagement to
utilize these connections for mutually beneficial results.

Developing Student Potential

In keeping with the mission, vision, and values of SUNY Oswego, the Division of Student Affairs cultivates a campus community that is supportive, caring and friendly for students, faculty, staff and the public. Learn more about how the Division of Student Affairs engages and drives students.

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Student Affairs

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Phone: 315.312.3214 Email:[email protected]


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