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After Oswego

A psychology major can prove beneficial in many ways and many SUNY Oswego graduates continue their studies in graduate school or fields related to psychology. SUNY Oswego psychology majors have continued graduate studies in psychology, health professions, physical/occupational therapy, business, social work, and law​.

Other opportunities include

  • Counseling
  • Research
  • Consumer testing
  • Business management

Graduate studies may include

  • Health related fields
  • Pharmacy
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Law
Headshot of Peter Mancarella

The Psychology department has an incredibly welcoming atmosphere. In just my second semester, I'm able to work with a faculty member on research that's applicable to my career path, an opportunity that is only possible in a department that is fully committed to the growth of its students.

headshot of Demi Siskand

The program has inspiring professors, a wealth of interesting courses, and rewarding hands-on opportunities that gave me the chance to dive deeper into the whole science. I was given so many experiences to learn that it influenced my decision to learn even more by attending graduate school.

headshot of Steve Curry

The Psychology program at SUNY Oswego provided both knowledge and the foundation for academic growth. Particularly, the coursework was a great introduction to research methodologies, statistical framework and substantive content areas.