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Vaccination Policy

SUNY Vaccination Policy

The SUNY Student COVID-19 Vaccine Policy remains in effect. All students who have any physical presence on campus are required to complete a full vaccine series. This includes students residing off-campus and coming to campus for class, activities, meeting up with friends/professors, etc. All Syracuse campus students must follow the same requirements.

Any student who fails to comply will be unenrolled and will no longer have access to any in-person campus activities, services, or resources including all Internet services sponsored by the university.

Booster Shots are Highly Recommended

All students are strongly encouraged to stay up to date on their vaccinations as defined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including obtaining any booster authorized by the FDA and recommended by the CDC for their age group.

While not required at this time, SUNY reserves the authority to impose a requirement for any booster at any time as a result of changes in local conditions or as a result of requirements imposed by Federal, State or local authorities.

Submit Your Vaccination/Booster Records

Submit your COVID-19 vaccine records, including booster shots via the Medicat Patient Portal.

To schedule your vaccination or a booster shot, find a COVID-19 vaccine site near you.


Any student may request an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination requirements on the basis of a medical or religious reasons. To be granted an exemption, a student must meet very specific criteria. Students should submit their request for a medical exemption by completing and uploading an exemption request form located within the Medicat Patient Portal. Students should submit their request for a religious exemption to the Office of the Dean of Students. Exemption requests do not expire, except in rare situations. A staff member will notify you if you fall in this category.

In addition, those students who are not registered for in-person classes (and therefore not subject to the SUNY vaccination requirement) but who plan to utilize campus facilities in person on a limited basis, may request an exemption by completing this online attestation form.   Please note that this exemption is for students visiting campus on a limited basis and not for regular visits such as participating in a student organization meeting or activity that meets weekly, or attending reoccurring campus events.