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Committee on Academic Quality & Integrity


This committee was formed by the Provost to address issues related to academic integrity including plagiarism and cheating. This committee works to maintain, update, and distribute the campus Intellectual Integrity Policy and maintains the Committee on Intellectual Integrity website. It also works with the Associate Deans on other projects and issues related to Intellectual Integrity on the campus.  This committee also encourages dialogue across programs and makes recommendations to the campus related to ensuring a challenging and engaging academic community. 


Permanent memberships include:

  • An Associate Dean from each College/School and appointed member from Dean of Students

Rotating membership includes

  • One faculty member from each College/School and the Library, two students
  • The Deans and the Chair of Faculty Assembly will serve ex officio
  • Rotating terms on the committee will be three years: Members will be eligible for two three-year terms on the committee.

This committee meets once a month at a time determined by member availability.

Membership for 2023-2024:

  • Gonzalo Aguiar, Modern Languages
  • Eric Blanchard, Political Science
  • Anne Caraley, Physics
  • Douglas Hemphill, Extended Learning, Chair
  • Gwen Kay, History
  • Matthew McLeskey, Criminal Justice
  • Magdalena Mosbo, Mathematics
  • Bastian Tenbergen, Computer Science
  • Casey Towne, Office of Learning Services

Minutes: (minutes are posted to the CII website) Curriculum and Instruct