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A mentor leading a group of students

Focus Forward

Focus Forward is a school-based mentoring program that strives to enrich the lives of students in our community. We match middle-school and high-school students from participating school districts with trained and supported undergraduate mentors, under the supervision of SUNY Oswego professional staff, who help provide the academic and social support necessary for each student to achieve their full potential.

Mentors provide academic tutoring and social support to district-identified "opportunity" students through personalized one-to-one or one-to-two relationships. You will help mentees develop effective study habits and interpersonal skills for school and life success. Mentors also assist in creating academic goals and providing the necessary support to see their mentees achieve them.

Why Be A Mentor?

Focus Forward allows you to impact the Oswego community while gaining valuable professional skills, to learn more about adolescent development and youth mentoring, and the opportunity to earn course credit through GST 311. As an academic and social support program, you'll work to build the local students' self-confidence and self-efficacy while giving them the tools they need to be effective learners.

Apply to Be a Mentor

Review our program requirements and check to see if you're available during our scheduled times at the local schools. If you're able to participate, fill out an application, and, based on your qualifications, we'll contact you about an interview and next steps.

Apply to be a Mentor

Focus Forward has been one of my favorite experiences at SUNY Oswego. Not only have I felt at home with the students and staff, I have also developed new skills which I have used in other aspects of my college career.

I really enjoyed participating in the Focus Forward program because it allowed me to become a positive influence in someone else's life. My favorite experience was when my mentee told her teacher that she was thinking about skipping school for the day, but then she remembered that the Focus Forward group was coming so she decided to not skip. Her remark warmed my heart and proved to me that we were truly making a difference in these students' lives.

I joined Focus Forward my first semester of college and have continued into my last semester. I truly feel I have made lasting connections and had lifelong impacts.

This program has not only allowed me to feel more comfortable with who I am, but to be more empathetic and understanding of others.


Focus Forward
145Q Marano Campus Center
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Sean Milligan, Coordinator- [email protected]

Jennifer Joyce, Coordinator- [email protected]