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For Students

  • Provides hands-on opportunities to reinforce classroom learning and increase engagement
  • Presents students with the opportunity to give back to their communities
  • Develops students’ Career Readiness Competencies including: communication, problem solving, teamwork, technology, leadership, professionalism, equity and inclusion, career management, and intercultural competence

For Faculty

  • Enhances student learning at academic, professional, and personal levels
  • Connects research and service interests to attract students from across disciplines
  • Expands expertise beyond the classroom to address community needs
  • Creates active leaders in the community and builds connections with leaders of nonprofit organizations

For Community Partners

  • Provides short-term and long-term student assistance for community-based projects
  • Creates pipelines for regular volunteers, board members, and future employees
  • Expands the reach and bandwidth of community organizations
  • Promotes increased connection between campus and local communities
  • Increases visibility for the organization

Take a Service-Learning Course with us!

Our courses offer you the opportunity to serve with one non-profit agency over the course of the semester. Through structured service projects, you will learn about underlying social issues and how the agency works to alleviate them in the local Oswego community. In the classroom, you focus more broadly on human rights, culture, identity, and privilege, and critically analyze your contribution to social problems and how you can alleviate them. A focus on civic engagement teaches the many different ways you can become civically engaged, including activism, advocacy, purchasing power, and volunteering.

CourseDescriptionService Hours                                                
Contemporary Social Issues 
(GST 102)                                                                                                
First-year students and sophomores engage in community service and classroom discussions about what it means to be actively engaged in social issues.20                                                                                                                                                            
Community Engagement 
(GST 302)
Juniors and seniors deepen their understanding of economic community issues and utilize their skills to help solve real problems.20
Leadership in Your Field 
(GST 303)
Sophomores, juniors, and seniors partner with nonprofit organizations to complete professional projects that benefit the organization and their own pursuit of career readiness skills.60

School-Based Service Learning Programs

Our award-winning school-based programs give you the opportunity to mentor children in Oswego City Schools while building career readiness skills that will help you reach your personal and professional goals.

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Focus Forward 

By working with local children to build their self-confidence and giving them tools to be effective learners, Focus Forward allows SUNY Oswego students interested in adolescent development and youth mentoring the opportunity to impact the Oswego community and gain valuable professional skills. 

Learn More About Focus Forward

Two students sitting at a table with children's toys on it

Oswego Children's Project

If you're considering a career in counseling, psychology, or social services this year-long program provides invaluable experience in the field. This community-based program allows you to work with pre-at-risk children through the implementation of play techniques.

Learn More about OCP




Jennifer Joyce
Service Learning Coordinator 
[email protected]
(315) 312-2151