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Will I be diagnosed with a mental disorder?

No, we do not diagnose. The CSC provides solution-focused brief counseling services. While all of our clinical staff are professionally trained, licensed therapists, we generally refer students to off-campus services for a thorough evaluation when appropriate.

Can I get my ADHD medication through CSC?

We do not prescribe stimulants, nor do we provide medication management to students who are currently taking psychotropic medication.

Student Conduct requires that I see a counselor to complete a sanction, what can I expect?

We provide assessment interventions for students to complete their conduct sanctions. You will meet with the CSC Director or designee to complete a general assessment of your wellness, as well as discuss decision making and support services available to you.

Will my parents or professors know I came to counseling?

No, not if you are 18 or older. You must sign a release of information for each person or provider with whom you wish us to share or gather information. If under 18, we will need parental permission beyond the first appointment.

I am concerned about my son/daughter/student, can you call them?

Counseling is a voluntary service available to students who choose to seek it. We encourage you to refer your child to us, and we are happy to consult to provide you general information about resources available to your student. However, in an emergency situation, please call University Police at 315.312.5555 to support a well-check.

Will you provide a letter to support a late course withdrawal or college withdrawal?

In some circumstances, when a student has been utilizing the Counseling Services Center, we may recommend that a student take leave of absence due to the student’s mental health concerns. This is reviewed on a case by case basis and subject to the discretion of the CSC Director.

Am I eligible to receive counseling services?

Registered SUNY Oswego students are eligible to seek services at the Counseling Services Center. During your initial intake session, you and your counselor will determine your goals and outline some of the services which may be most helpful to you.

What type of counseling is offered?

Individual and group counseling are the most common services offered. Group themes vary each semester but often include anxiety management, depression, anger management, assertiveness, women's empowerment, etc.

Why get counseling?

Students seek counseling for a variety of reasons. Some may be dealing with anxiety or depression, others may have experienced a loss, such as a death in the family or a relationship coming to an end. Freshman may come to the center if they are having a difficult time adjusting to college. Seniors sometimes wish to speak to a counselor when they are uncertain about life after college. Many students enter counseling when they are struggling with challenges in their relationships. If you have been experiencing difficulty with an issue, and have attempted to resolve it on your own and have not been successful, counseling may be of help.

How do I make an appointment?

We suggest you call the center to arrange an appointment in advance. We can be reached at 315.312.4416 between 8:30 am and noon and 1:00 - 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, during regular class schedules

Can I email counselors directly?

No emails please! Email is not a secure form of communication.

Where is the Counseling Services Center?

The Counseling Services Center is located at 150 Mary Walker Building.

How can I get help for a friend?

If you are concerned about a friend, let them know about the Counseling Services Center. It is best if they make their own appointment and choose to seek counseling without pressure to do so. If you continue to feel concerned, and they choose not to seek counseling, feel free to call the Center to consult about how to best proceed.

Contact Us

Phone: 315.312.4416 
Fax: 315.312.5416 
150 Mary Walker Building 
(Lakeside of campus)

Hours of Operation

Monday–Friday: 8:30 am–4:30 pm

Please call us to schedule an appointment. If you’re not ready to make an appointment, check out Let’s Talk!

  • For timely updates on our services, as well as self-care tips, follow us on Instagram @mindful_oz.
  • If a student requires alternative accommodations to access our services, please call our office for assistance.