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Digital Accessibility

Welcome! SUNY Oswego is committed to enabling inclusive and equitable educational opportunities. Accessibility is an important part of this effort: accessibility refers to the useability of spaces, services, products, and documents by people with disabilities. As the term accessibility is used more often, it is becoming common for it to be used to mean available. It is important to distinguish the difference. While content may be available because it is posted online, or low-cost because it’s an inclusive access textbook or open education resource, that does not mean that it is accessible

We use a wide variety of technologies to consume digital content from mobile phones to braille displays to audio interfaces and screen readers. These only work if content is machine-readable and follows basic principles of accessibility.

These pages explain the function, value, and process of making digitally accessible materials. This includes documents, multimedia, virtual presentations, and other forms of digital communication. Whether you’re a student, an instructor, or a staff member, you become a content creator every time you make and share digital materials. You’ll find information and guidance here on how to discover, create, and use public-facing digital materials that are as accessible as possible.


Are you new to accessibility? Let us help you get started. 


Are you ready to make accessible content? Start with these five universal principles.


Are you looking for software-specific guidance? We have written and video tutorials for a variety of applications.


Are you looking for answers to specific questions? We've compiled a list of frequently asked accessibility questions. 

Looking for something else?

If what you’re looking for is not on these pages, such as accommodations or physical accessibility, see these other related services:

  • Are you a student looking for accommodations? Visit the Accessibility Resources office page.
  • Are you looking for assistance with email, MyOswego, or other technical services? Contact CTS.
  • Are you a faculty member looking for disciplinary specific accessibility? Ask one of our Accessibility Fellows.
  • Are you looking for physical accessibility or another accessibility service not listed? View our Related Services page.
  • Are you looking to discover how you can contribute to a campus that supports learning opportunities? Reach out to one of our campus accessibility groups

Report an accessibility error

If you come across an accessibility error on please fill out the Report an Accessibility Issue form to alert us.