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Undergraduate Curriculum Council

UCC Duties

The primary function of the Undergraduate Curriculum Council (UCC) is to review all undergraduate course proposals and advise Faculty Assembly for final approval of these courses. The role of UCC is defined by the Faculty Assembly By-laws. A related duty of UCC members is to provide support to department chairs and curriculum committees in the development or revision of course outlines.

Our secondary, but very important function, is to communicate about approved course outlines to several faculty members and offices across campus, including the Registrar, the Catalog Editor, the Director of the Penfield Library, Penfield Library Archives and Reserves, the Director of Campus Technology Services, Academic Deans, and Department Chairs. This communication includes the maintenance of a summary of all pending and approved courses (see Approved Courses Fall 2000-Fall 2008).

Membership of UCC

Members of the UCC have the unique opportunity to learn about SUNY Oswego courses from a range of departments and academic programs, by reviewing an average of 70 course outlines each year. Each of our members represents a School or College of Arts & Sciences sub-division. Members typically serve for staggered two-year terms. A list of the current members, and their contact information, and terms of service is available on the UCC Members page. Information about UCC members' duties and requisite skills is on the Member Duties page.

UCC Course Submission and Approval Process

In recent years, this process has evolved from a paper transmission of course outlines, signature pages, and approval notices, to an on-line submission format, with electronic submission, tracking, and notification of approval. To use these forms, you must be simultaneously logged in to your LakerApps e-mail account. To get more information click on Course Submission Procedures, Course Submission Form, or Pending and Approved Courses (.xls, 55k).

History of the UCC

Prior to 1975, decisions about which courses we could offer at SUNY Oswego were made by individual departments and approved at the Dean's level. As the college grew larger with many more programs, and more standardized accreditation expectations, some faculty members proposed a more comprehensive, systematic, campus-wide process for over-seeing course development. 

Thus, the authority to review undergraduate course proposals was transferred to Faculty Assembly's Academic Policies Council (APC). In the mid-1980s, recognizing the large volume of work required in the course review process, APC created the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee sub-committee to take on this course review role. 

As UCC's responsibilities evolved, Faculty Assembly decided to elevate the status of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee to that of a council whose advisory duty is to report directly to Faculty Assembly. In 2002, we took on the mantle of Undergraduate Curriculum Council. 

We continue to cherish this authority as a faculty to determine what SUNY Oswego undergraduate courses are offered. During a 30-year history of the UCC, many of SUNY Oswego's faculty members have participated in the course proposal review process (see UCC members 1965-2006 link--under construction). 

Contact the Undergraduate Curriculum Council by email at [email protected]