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Drew Parrott

Drew Parrott
Graphic Design BFA, Illustration Concentration
Nedrow, NY
[email protected]


The cliche is that ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to be an artist. I spent my younger years constantly drawing and taking art classes. As I grew older, it was my solace and escapism. I was an awful student, but my best grades were in art class. In high school, I submitted work to competitions and had my art featured in stores and local shows, but I always felt that I would never truly make a living through art. The "rational" and pessimistic side of myself doubted my ability, so I went to college for liberal arts. I was still a terrible student and nearly failed all of my classes aside from art. I took years off of school and decided I was unfit for higher education. I worked dead-end jobs tirelessly while telling myself that I was a failure. I was the only person in my family that did not complete their degree and convinced myself it was due to avoiding excess student loans. 

Years passed, but I continued to make art. Art remained the one thing I was any good at. I noticed I spent my free time doing things like critiquing billboards and store signs. I would think of ways to improve these advertisements while driving to a job I despised. Deep down, I knew working a job that did not involve using my creativity was not something I wanted to continue. I enrolled at Onondaga Community College and started taking art classes. Despite working and going to school full-time, I had never felt better. I knew I was working towards my long term goal of finishing my degree and becoming a professional artist. After earning my associate's degree in graphic design, I went on to attend Oswego University. I continued to work full-time and drove an hour each way to campus every day but never regretted the investment in myself. I will be graduating in December, and I will have succeeded in a goal I thought was unattainable. Over these years, I have improved my art as well as myself. I am committed to lifelong learning, and graphic design is my passion. 

Artist Statement

Drew Parrott's work reflects a pension for bright colors, and favors bold designs. He is well versed in traditional and digital media; with a passion for merchandise creation and illustration. Drew creates pieces that appeal to a variety of audiences. He prides himself on being a tactician who encompasses advertising savvy, and marketing prowess when creating. Drew has been a member of the honor's society, the president's list, the dean's list and is committed to lifelong learning. His work has been featured in newspapers, shops, various galleries, and most recently won an award at the 57th Juried Art Exhibition show at the Tyler Art Gallery. Drew has worked for SUNY Oswego, Title IX, Study Breaks, and many other clients. He continues to grow his portfolio, and expand his knowledge in both art, and life.

This is a piece inspired by Alphonse Mucha. The setting is a scenic sunrise on Lake Ontario. The profile view of a cormorant bird in the foreground is surrounded by bright hills on either side. A black border encompasses the picture and frames the landscape. The words Lake Ontario are in white and centered at the bottom of the black bordered frame.

Lake Ontario
11 x 17”
Digital media for transfer students ART 323

A crimson and navy cartoon swallow has an arrow piercing through the body. The bird has crossed out eyes the sun shining brightly behind it.

1080 x 1080px
Personal project

This black and white shirt has a stylized cracked skull crying in the top center of the shirt. Underneath there is a skateboard cracked in half with graffiti style lettering surrounding the two images. The words read skate or cry.

Skate Or Cry
Digital / Shirt
Completed for: Waffle Wax skate brand

This bright blue shirt features a cartoon style black and grey uzi gun shooting bullets. The scope target behind the gun is bright bubblegum pink. The lettering which reads One Shot Thrill is staggered at a slight angle and looks like comic book lettering.

One Shot Thrill
Digital /Shirt
Completed for: Recording artist One Shot Thrill

Blue and grey mountains are in the distance of this landscape.These massive mountains are also reflected in the body of water in the foreground.

1500 x 1500px
Digital illustration Art 313

This black and grey piece features a Greek woman looking towards the viewer with olive branches in her hair. A bushel of an olive plant and leaves encompass the woman.

1350 x 1080
Completed for:

This whimsical before, during, and after features a snowman melting. The first panel shows a cartoon snowman in the middle of a field on a farm with the sun rising behind the hills. The next frame depicts a glaring sun radiating and starting to melt the snowman as the day proceeds. The last panel shows the wind howling and a puddle of snow with the sun receding behind the hills.

Global Warming
17 x 11”
Digital Illustration Art 313

Four black and white vector logos. The words Devils Roast is sitting on top of a capital D turned on the side with a coffee cup in the negative space. A sharp lowercase d and p are next to one another on an angle to form the logo for the website Designed Personally. The Scoop logo design has a capital S to mimic two scoops of ice cream atop a cone. The last logo shows the words Runes & Relics typed inside a rounded square with an amperstamp separating them

8.5 x 11”
Completed for: Various logo designs