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Brittany Ableman

Brittany Ableman
BFA, Studio Art – Painting Concentration
Albany, NY
[email protected]


Brittany Ableman is a painter from Albany, NY who will be graduating with a bachelor’s in fine arts.

Her preferred medium is Oil Paint and she enjoys painting psychedelic and colorful imagery. Brittany will be continuing her studies in Graduate School to gain her Masters in Art Education to pursue a teaching career. Her dream is to become an art teacher in her hometown for grades K-12.

Aside from art, Brittany is a big lover of animals, the beach, and exploring outer space!

Artist Statement

After completing my first semester of college as an Accounting major I quickly learned that art is what I really wanted to be doing. From a young age I developed a love for art and over time that passion grew, and I knew whatever I did in life had to involve art.

My favorite things besides art are the ocean and outer space, both of which hold secrets and unknowns that we can only dream about.

I think this “Unknown” is where I draw most of my inspiration from. I create art because the creating of it is just as fun and enjoyable as the finished result. I enjoy creating trippy, psychedelic imagery and like to use the ocean and space motifs.

One of my favorite pieces I’ve made is a piece titled “It’s me, Beach!” which was also one of the most enjoyable works to create. For this piece, I created a silhouetted portrait of myself using sand, sea shells, sea glass, modeling paste and oil paint on a wood canvas.

Although extremely frustrating gluing every single individual sea shell onto the board the outcome was even better than I could have hoped. That’s all we can ever wish for, right?!

Preliminary Cherry
Mixed Media
 22 x 30"
June 2019
This was created using a variety of materials including: stamp & red ink, gouache, and micron pen during a mixed media course at Oswego. For this assignment we were asked to create a floor plan of our living quarters and to incorporate that into a piece. I decided to experiment with more of an abstract look by interlocking parts of my floor plan and filling the areas with colors, patterns, etc. This is one of my favorite pieces and enjoyed the creative process in creating it.

What the Butt
Oil paint on canvas
32 x 40"
Spring 2019
It was created from a still life using oil paint on canvas during Painting II at Oswego. For this assignment we were instructed to find an interesting composition to then paint form observation. I remember I struggled a lot in creating this piece but was self-sufficient. I was able to solve problems to be successful with this composition.

Fat Nap
Oil paint on canvas
18 x 22"
Fall 2019
It was created from a still life using oil paint on canvas. This piece was created in Painting III at Oswego and for this assignment we morphed the look of a pillow by using string and tape to manipulate the pillow. The pillows were then illuminated with colored lights.

Don't Eat the Shroomies
38 x 40"
December 2019
It was created during Advanced Drawing and Painting at Oswego. For this project our goal was to create a world within a world and with that I decided to use the ocean and outer space as my subject matter. The key hole was the first thing I sketched because that’s all I could imagine as if I was in one world looking into another world. This was one of the few pieces that led me to using the ocean and space as themes in my work.

I See You
22 x 30"
Spring 2020
 This was created in a 2D design concepts class at Oswego. For this project our goal was to create a series of three pieces this being the first one focusing our subject matter on the body. I created this piece using gouache on paper. The meaning behind this piece is that you are viewing me, look me deep in my eyes and look at me.

It's me, Beach!
Mixed Media
36 x 48"
October 2019
This piece was created using seashells, sea glass, sand, modeling paste, and oil paint created during Advanced Drawing and Painting at Oswego. For this assignment we were instructed to create a self- portrait that portrayed us in a more personal way. For this self-portrait our materials used had to be at least 50% non-traditional materials. To relate to my personality and love for the beach, I used sea shells, sea glass and sand to create the figure (of me). For the background I used modeling paste to create a textured ground and painted the background using oil paint. This is also the largest size I have worked with but was necessary for the effectiveness of this piece. Overall, I am pleased with how this came out and has made me more hopeful for other things I can create.