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Graduate Program

Technology Education MSEd

This program, available 100% online, provides the degree necessary for New York State Professional Teacher certification in technology education (all grades). It requires 30 credit hours of coursework designed to help candidates become more effective, knowledgeable technology & engineering education (T&EE) teachers.

Dig deeper into T&EE pedagogy with our dedicated professors and fellow teachers. Course content is intended to be immediately applicable to the classroom whenever possible, and synchronous classes provide an opportunity to interact in real time providing rich engagement with both classmates and subject matter. In addition to the six core courses (18 credits), students take 12 elective credits tailored to their professional needs, individual scholarship, and interests in the arts and sciences and professional studies.

The program can be completed in 14 months as a full-time student or two to four years attending part-time.

Technology Education MSED Online

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Program Admission

This graduate program is designed for those who have (or are eligible for) initial certification in Technology Education. Admission requirements include: official transcripts, a Statement of Purpose, a resume, and two letters of recommendation. 

Details are provided at the bottom of the Technology Education (Grades K-12) Online page.

Graduate Core Course Offering Rotation

The six required courses are offered only during specific semesters.

By Semester

  • Fall 2024: TED 534, TED 536
  • Spring 2025: TED 532
  • Summer 2025: TED 532, TED 534, TED 536
  • Fall 2025: TED 531, TED 535
  • Spring 2026: TED 533, 
  • Summer 2026: TED 531, TED 533, TED 535
  • Fall 2026: TED 532, TED 536
  • Spring 2027: TED 534
  • Summer 2027: TED 532, TED 534, TED 536
  • Fall 2027: TED 531, TED 535
  • Spring 2028: TED 533
  • Summer 2028: TED 531, TED 533, TED 535
  • Fall 2028: TED 532, TED 536

By Course

  • TED 531: Fall 2025, Summer 2026, Fall 2027, Summer 2028
  • TED 532: Spring 2025, Summer 2025, Fall 2026, Summer 2027, Fall 2028
  • TED 533: Spring 2026, Summer 2026, Spring 2028, Summer 2028
  • TED 534: Fall 2024, Spring 2025, Spring 2027, Summer 2027
  • TED 535: Fall 2025, Summer 2026, Fall 2027, Summer 2028
  • TED 536: Fall 2024, Summer 2025, Fall 2026, Summer 2027, Fall 2028

Candidacy Requirements

Midway through the program, students must demonstrate their philosophical alignment to the program and engagement with course content by taking and passing three Candidacy Exams. Exams are available for all six core courses; students select which three exams to take. Exams are offered at the end of each semester as well as at the end of the summer session. Students are advanced to candidacy after successfully completing three exams.

Candidacy Application

Students must file for degree candidacy after completing 12 semester hours and/or during the term they will complete 18 hours. Hours over 18 may be forfeited if exams are not completed successfully. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is required to sit for exams. Apply by emailing the Department of Technology Graduate Program Coordinator, Karin Dykeman at [email protected].

Registration and Upcoming Exams

Students must register for exams by 3:00 p.m. on the Monday before the test using this registration form. To take two exams on the same date, complete the form twice. Exams are online, with sessions from 9-11 a.m. and 1-3 p.m. 

Upcoming Exams

Summer 2024: August 10, register by August 5

Fall 2024: December 21, register by December 16

Degree Options

Students may choose between three options for completing their 12 elective credits: 

  • thesis, 
  • research project, 
  • or directed coursework. 

A formal plan entitled "Degree Option Proposal" must be developed, submitted, and approved by their advisor on or before completing the last Candidacy Exam and before any electives are taken.


Research Project

Directed Coursework

Final Portfolio


Mr. Richard Bush 
Department Chair
[email protected]
103C Park Hall, 315.312.3011 

Ms. Erin Leary
Department Administrative Assistant
[email protected]
103 Park Hall, 315.312.3011

Mr. Ronald Alexander
Technology Internship Faculty Sponsor
[email protected]
115 Park Hall, 315.312.6643

Ms. Karin Dykeman
Graduate Program Coordinator
[email protected]
103F Park Hall, 315.312.2830

Dr. Laura M. Spenceley 
School of Education Dean
302C Park Hall, 315.312.2102