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Property Control

Introduction to the Property Control System (PCS):

  • Facilitate proper and timely reporting of equipment transactions and safeguard against loss
  • Assist with removal, transfer, or disposal of surplus or damaged property within SUNY Oswego’s campus and New York State guidelines

The PCS is a computerized inventory system used SUNY-wide for the purpose of tracking State and Research Foundation equipment. It is administered by the State University of New York System Administration. The PCS was developed to provide uniformity in property accountability throughout the SUNY system, as determined by SUNY System Administration, the State University Construction Fund, the Division of the Budget, and the Office of the State Comptroller.

This database contains specific information about all SUNY equipment valued over $5,000 and having a useful life of two or more years. It includes items purchased from State operating funds, Research Foundation grants, Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) accounts, and items received as gifts to the College.

The PCS is designed to provide a reliable means of maintaining data regarding the assets acquired by the State University System. The primary control within the PCS is the asset number that is assigned and affixed to all equipment. 

Objectives of the PCS:

  1. Property control and accountability in compliance with Audit and Control Requirements;
  2. Improved equipment utilization through control and identification of property that is surplus or underutilized;
  3. Database for physical and fiscal requirements of the campus administration;
  4. Asset accountability for increased security against loss of equipment;
  5. Basis for projecting and budgeting for future capital replacement equipment.


Karen Clyne 
SUNY Oswego Property Control Specialist 
Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 315-312-2228

The Property Control staff will:

  • Record all data on campus equipment with a value of $5,000 or more after release to the location unit
  • Perform the periodic inventory (one complete inventory every 2 years) of equipment subject to the PCS as required by Audit and Control 
  • Act as liaison with departments to assure compliance with PCS requirements

Surplus Inventory Claim Form Removal/Disposal Form Dean Approval/Denial Form New Equipment Form

State Owned Surplus Property

State-owned surplus property is asset owned by the New York State that is determined to be no longer useful or needed by a state agency.

SUNY Oswego High Risk State Owned Surplus Assets

(White Barcoded SUNY Oswego Sticker) 

New York State-owned Property or Assets that are below $4,999.99 and are at risk for theft or being misplaced. Examples of high risk items:

  • Television
  •  Portable heater
  • Chrome book
  •  Desk chairs borrowed during Covid Pandemic
  • Desk organizers ( not a lot of money, but can be misplaced or taken easily)
  • Monitor
  • Keyboards
  •  Small desk items or organizers
  • Artwork and frame
  •  Microscope
  • Lab Equipment
  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Camera Stands
  • Green Screens
  • Portable air conditioner
  • Calculators
  • Laptops (networked)
  • Subscriptions to programs needed on campus
RAM Assets

(Red SUNY Oswego Sticker with barcode)  * New RAM assets will have Red barcode stickers,  RAM assets pre-2023 will be White barcode stickers

Any New York State-owned property that is worth more than $5,000.00. Examples of RAM Assets:

  • Air conditioner for the switch room in Culkin Hall
  • Vehicle(s)
  • Zamboni for the ice rink
  • Any scientific or lab equipment over $5,000.00
  • A piece of equipment that is a part of a larger piece of equipment that cannot function if not together, and combined or separately are worth more than $5,000.00
  • Plow owned by SUNY Oswego
  • Subscriptions over $5,000.00
  • Supercomputer in Albany, but owned by SUNY Oswego
  • Ice Rink Compressor


Refers to the person or department which is in charge of the equipment, which operates and maintains the equipment, which is expected to pay expenses and/or replacement costs for that equipment. Indicates accountability for the equipment.

Owner: While it is recognized, with few exceptions, that the title to all assets is held by the State of New York, for the purpose of inventory control and accountability, “owner” shall be defined as that departmental entity which is the ultimate user or control.

Asset: Refers to owned equipment, often meaning those items which are listed on the PCS.

Equipment: Any item of manufacture which is durable, has a life expectancy of two or more years, and is not consumed in the course of use.

Steps for removing an Asset or Item

Identify the asset

Identify the asset with manufacturer, SUNY Tag ID#, Serial number, and any other information there might be about the item including a description. You will need this information to complete a Removal or Disposal Request form and a Dean’s Approval form. 

  • If the item happens to be in a building that has recently been renovated, the item being removed must stay in the building it is currently in. It may not leave the building.
  • Property Control can place a request with the Administrative Assistants in the building the item is in, asking if anyone needs or wants the item. If it is claimed, you may place a work order through the SUNY Oswego Facilities website  to have the item removed from the area it is in now to the new location within the building.
  • If no person claims it within the building, you must have the Dean complete a Dean Approval form.
  • Once Property Control has received the form from the Dean’s Office or the Department Chairperson, Property Control will post it to the SUNY Listserv.

If the item is furniture, and in a recently renovated building, you must get the Dean’s or Department Chair’s written permission first. The Chairperson must be aware that if the asset is transferred out of the department, the item will no longer be available to that department again for use. If they ever want a replacement  item, their department is solely responsible for purchase, assembly, and any other costs incurred to replace said item. 

Advertise on Listserv

After the form is signed and submitted to Property Control, the item or asset will be advertised on the campus Listserv first for 7 to 10 days. (While this is happening, the item will stay in its original area and is not to be moved).

  • If the item is claimed, then the Property Control Specialist will place a work order for the item to be removed.
  • If the item or asset is not claimed, then the Property Control Specialist will post the item on the SUNY listserv.
  • If the item is claimed there, then the Property Control will submit a work order to have the items removed to their new space or to disposal/recycling.

SUNY Oswego faculty and department designees, view the Surplus Assets spreadsheet. 

If you see an item you want, please fill out the Surplus Inventory Claim Form to have the asset or the item transferred or relocated to your space.

If you need further assistance, please contact Karen Clyne at [email protected] or call  x2228. If I am out of the office, as soon as I return I will get back to you. Thank you for your patience.