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Majors & Minors

Political Science Major - B.A.

Our political science major is designed to provide you with a broad understanding of political continuity and change around the world. Organized with a balance of structure, flexibility, and discovery, the program allows you to explore your own interests while learning to think critically and communicate effectively.

Political Science Major Program

Political Science Minor

Our political science minor program is designed to compliment your major interests by inviting you to explore coursework and experiences that broaden your understanding of politics.


Political Science Honors Program

For academically ambitious students who meet the requirements, our political science honors program offers a pathway to both challenge yourself and work closely with faculty on a significant independent research project. 

Political Science Honors Program

Contact Us

Phone: 315-312-2350

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address

435 Mahar Hall
SUNY Oswego
Oswego, NY 13126-3599


Department Chair: Dr. Allison Rank
Administrative Assistant: Ms. Lisa Teters
Advisement Coordinator: Dr. Eric Blanchard
Internship Coordinator: Dr. Lisa Glidden