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Beyond the Classroom

Oswego’s physics students gain plenty of hands-on research opportunities, with many publishing papers in the peer-reviewed literature and giving talks and posters at leading regional, national and international conferences.

Global Labs

The Global Laboratory is an undergraduate research experience offering hands-on, immersive problem-solving opportunities in international laboratories in STEM fields, including a strong partnership where Oswego students work on research projects during an extensive six-week placement at National Central University in Taiwan. Physics-related placements also have taken Oswego students to Brazil and India.


Oswego has an outstanding pipeline with NASA, where we have sent high-performing students for prestigious and immersive 10-week internships at CalTech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory that can propel them toward success. These students get to shoot for the stars, literally — such as Oswego graduate Earl Bellinger, who developed an algorithmic program that optimizes how files are uploaded and downloaded to the Cassini space mission. Regional companies like Inficon in Syracuse also offer opportunities.

A physics student giving a presentation


Our department places an emphasis on research opportunities early on and many students spend their summers working for faculty at Oswego and other institutions in a variety of fields: thin films, nanoscience, nuclear physics, energy, condensed matter and astrophysics. We also have a very strong record of sending students abroad for summer research. Some of the faculty-mentored research our undergraduate students conduct leads to conference presentations and publication in peer-reviewed journals.

A physics professor and two students standing in front of a pasteboard project


Students have many opportunities to attend and present at national and regional conferences annually. In the past students have participated at the conferences for the American Physical Society, American Astronomical Society, Rochester Academy of Sciences and Rochester Physics Society.


Build experience, skills, friendships and connections that will last a lifetime. Physics students have many opportunities to get involved, connect and hone their skills.

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club meets every week and is open to all students and faculty. On clear evenings we stargaze on the Shineman Center balcony and host telescope star parties throughout the semester. Members can expect occasional trips to the planetarium and observatory.

Physics Club

The Physics Club is open for anyone interested in physics and current events that happen in the field of physics. Meetings and activities are held weekly.

Sigma Pi Sigma

Sigma Pi Sigma is an honor society that recognizes outstanding scholarship in physics while encouraging interest in physics among students at all levels.