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Craig Delancey

headshot of Craig Delancey

Department Chair

Contact Information

212A Marano Campus Center
[email protected]

Office hours

MWF 1:30-3 pm
or by appointment

My work in philosophy is primarily concerned with: consciousness, emotion, biological purpose (proper functions or teleofunctions), and questions about the justification or foundation for purposes.

I'm currently working on a book titled Just Revolt:  Albert Camus's Metaphysics of Purpose


Philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and cognitive science.


  • (2023) Consciousness as Complex Event: Towards a New Physicalism. New York: Routledge. 
  • (2017) A Concise Introduction to Logic. New York: Open SUNY Textbooks.
  • (2014) "Commitment and Attunement." Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. December 2014, Volume 13, Issue 4, pp 579-594.
  • (2013) "The Modal Arguments and the Complexity of Consciousness." Ratio. Volume 26, Issue 1: 35–50 (March).
  • (2012) "An Ecological Concept of Wilderness." Ethics and the Environment, 17 (1): 25-44.
  • (2012) "Consciousness and the Superfunctionality Claim." Philosophical Studies. Volume 161, Issue 3: 433-451.
  • (2006) "Ontology and Teleofunctions: A Defense and Revision of the Systematic Account of Teleofunctions." Synthese, 150 (1): 69-98.
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  • (2005) "On Emotions and the Explanation of Behavior," with Adam Kovach. Nous, 39 (1): 106-122.


  • Joint Ph.D., Department of Philosophy, Program of Cognitive Science, Indiana University, 1999 
  • MS, Department of Computer Science, Indiana University, 1999 
  • Double BA, Department of Anthropology, Department of English, University of Rochester, 1987