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Registration and Payment

Is a parking permit valid as soon as it’s paid for?

Parking permits are only valid once they are permanently affixed to the bottom corner on the passenger side of the front windshield and visible from the outside of the vehicle. Parking stickers may not be taped to the windshield. If the permit is not displayed properly, the vehicle is not considered registered and you could still receive a ticket. Permits are not transferable from car to car or from driver to driver.

Do you need a parking permit to park on campus for evening classes that start after 4:00 pm?

Yes, all vehicles need a permit.

Can you still receive a parking permit if you have unpaid parking tickets?

No, you must pay all parking obligations before you can purchase a permanent or temporary permit.


Are freshmen allowed to bring a car to school?

Freshmen are allowed to bring vehicles to campus.  They must purchase a parking permit and park in areas designated by the permit.  They must abide by all parking rules and regulations. 

What if I drive a different vehicle to campus?

If you already have a permanent permit for another vehicle, then you need to stop in to Parking Services to obtain a temporary permit at no charge. 

If you do not have a permanent permit you may get up to seven temporary permits for $3 a day per semester. If Parking Services isn’t open you can always go to University Police located in Pathfinder Hall to obtain a temporary permit as they are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can I purchase a permit for someone else's vehicle?

The vehicle must be registered to you or an immediate family member living at the same address.

Designated Parking

What does designated parking mean?

The parking lots are divided into three major lot sections: 

  • Commuter—students living off campus 
  • Resident—students living on campus
  • Employee—anyone employed by the University

You must park in a lot that corresponds with the type of permit you have. For example, students with a commuter sticker must park in a commuter lot.

Resident parking is designated by zones (West/Center and East).  These zones are designated by different colors on the parking map.  Resident students are restricted to the zone indicated on their permit which is determined by the residence hall they reside in.  Permit holders should never park in resident lots outside of the designated zone or commuter lots.

Students with valid parking permits are allowed to park in the employee lots from 5pm to midnight Monday – Friday and 7am – midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

Parking is enforced year round, 24/7. If a lot is full you may check other nearby lots that you are registered for. 

What are the procedures for handicapped parking?

Anyone that has been issued a handicapped hang tag or license plate through the city, town, village clerk or police department may park in a handicapped parking space. Parking in handicap spaces on campus requires a valid SUNY Oswego parking permit in addition to your handicap hang tag or license plate. Parking in a handicap space without one of these permits could result in a ticket or fine.

Where can you park overnight if you are a commuter?

To park on campus overnight, commuters must obtain a temporary permit for a resident lot.

If a visitor is staying overnight with a resident, do they need a permit and where can they park?

Visitors who are staying with residents need to purchase a temporary parking permit, either in person from the Parking Services office or online via our Parking Portal. The cost is $3 per day. The permit must be printed and placed on the dashboard and be visible from the outside of the vehicle. Guests must park in resident lots. When Parking Services is not open, guests can go to University Police located at Pathfinder Hall to obtain a temporary permit.

Tickets and Appeals

How do you appeal a ticket?

You must request an appeal within 5 calendar days of when the ticket was issued to you. You have three options to appeal a ticket:

  • In person: Go to the Parking Services Office on New Street, near the campus main entrance. You will be scheduled for a date, time, and place of where to appear to appeal. 
  • Online: Complete and submit our online Appeal form
  • In writing: Send an email to [email protected].
How long do you have to pay a ticket, and does the amount increase if you don't pay it on time?

You have five calendar days to request an appeal. The amount does not increase. Students with outstanding citations will be transferred to student accounts after 10 days of the citation being issued. Student parking citations that remain unpaid after 10 days are transferred to the Student Account bill. Unpaid employee citations will be subject to payroll deduction.

How many tickets are allowed before a car is towed?

Anyone that is issued 10 or more parking violations within the academic year (August to August) will be placed on the “Tow List .“ If your vehicle is found parked on campus in violation of campus parking regulations it may be subject to removal by towing at the owner’s expense.

Who issues the parking tickets on campus?

The University Police officers issue the parking tickets on campus. Student Parking Enforcement employees may also issue parking tickets. These students have been fully trained by the Police Officers.

Where does the money paid for parking fines and fees go and what is it used for?

Parking fines and fees are collected and tallied each business day and deposited to the college accounts. Funds from the parking program are used to support the SUNY Oswego campus, in the following ways:

  • parking signs
  • parking lot maintenance
  • civilian salaries
  • grounds equipment
  • parking lot construction 
  • and other campus needs

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