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If you receive a parking ticket, you may request an appeal hearing within five calendar days of the citation date. 

Appeal requests can be made online via our parking portal or by emailing [email protected]. An in-person appeal hearing may also be requested via email.  If you have any questions, call Parking Services at 315-312-3227.

Emailing an Appeal

To submit an appeal request via email, include the information below and indicate if you want an in-person hearing. You will receive an email response with the date, time and location of the hearing. Failure to appear is a plea of guilty.

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Citation number
  • Reason for appeal


All fines are to be paid within five business days of the citation date or within two business days of a hearing determination. Payment may be made online or by mail. Checks should be made payable to SUNY Oswego and mailed to the address below:

SUNY Oswego
Parking Office
7060 State Rt 104
Oswego, NY 13126

Violation Excuses

The reasons below are not valid grounds for violating parking regulations.

  • Didn't receive or lost the ticket
  • Lack of knowledge of parking regulations
  • Parking for only a few minutes
  • Picking up or dropping off someone or something
  • Lot was full
  • Running late or bad weather
  • Emergency flashers were on
  • Other vehicles nearby didn't have a permit
  • Didn't see a No Parking sign
  • Someone else was using your car
  • Don't have enough money to pay the fine

Contact Us

[email protected]


Route 104 at New Street, 
near the campus main entrance 


Hours of operation

Monday–Friday: 7:45am–12pm, 12:30pm–3:45pm
Closed for lunch between 12pm and 12:30pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday