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Degree Programs

We provide a wide range of experiences in music history and literature, music theory, and performance.

Music history and literature deals with music of all periods and its place within historical, political and cultural developments. Music theory is the study of the components and structure of music. Performance makes the score come alive as one of the performing arts.

All music classes and lessons are open to qualified students, regardless of major. Unlike most music schools or departments, there is no additional tuition cost to students for private studio lessons.

Please note that not all courses are offered every semester. It is essential to meet with your advisor every semester to maintain the proper sequence of courses. Failure to do this may result in requiring extra semesters to complete your degree.

Undergraduate Majors

Angela Russell (singing) and Alexander Seubert (on piano)

Music B.A.

Develop comprehensive musicianship through a combination of music theory, music history, applied studio instruction, and ensemble performance.

Music B.A. Program

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Audio Recording and Production B.A.

Two students at a soundboard in a recording studio

Students learn a broad range of audio production techniques applicable to music, theater, and electronic media, as well as the opportunity to pursue further subjects on the physics of sound and music, the art of songwriting, and the business of music.

Audio Recording & Production B.A. Program

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