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Why Study Spanish? 

We are proud of our dynamic and innovative curriculum and committed to engaging faculty and students in an intellectual community dedicated to the study of language, literature, culture, teaching, and international trade. With a growing number of Spanish speakers worldwide—the second most-spoken language in the United States after English and the third most-spoken language in the world—acquiring Spanish language skills opens doors to expanded job opportunities in many fields. It highlights the importance of developing translingual and intercultural proficiency and a broad knowledge of the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. We work with students from other departments and programs across campus and encourage them to gain first-hand experiences by studying overseas.
The Spanish program at SUNY Oswego offers introductory and specialized instruction in Spanish. The goal of the undergraduate major and minor includes the acquisition of high-level proficiency in oral and written communication and in-depth study of Spanish and Spanish American literatures and cultures. We offer learning in small classes led by faculty who encourage the active use of your chosen language. Almost all our majors spend at least a semester abroad.

Spanish BA Program


Why Study German?

Some answer family background or job prospects. Others say music, history, art, literature, philosophy, science, sports. Still others point out that German has many similarities to English. These reasons may resonate with you and motivate you to begin – we certainly hope so. 
Truthfully, though, you should discover your own reason in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or anywhere German is spoken. You should study German to travel abroad, to learn about yourself, to meet new people on their terms, and to grow in ways you never imagined.  

Along the way, you might have a pretzel, beer, or schnitzel; hike a mountain or two; enjoy public transportation; understand the difference between Baroque and Gothic; drive fast on the Autobahn; find yourself in a church, museum, or concert hall. You might even meet the love of your life. Wer weiß? Who knows?

German BA Program


Why Study French?

Our French program gives students a thorough mastery of speaking, aural comprehension, reading, and writing skills in the French language and a solid grounding in French literature and civilization. A multimedia laboratory with a developing collection of computer language applications complements classroom instruction. In addition to beginning, intermediate, and advanced language courses, we offer courses in literature, both in French and in English translation. The literature courses cover significant authors and periods and specific genre courses, including poetry, theater, and film.

French BA Program

Language and international trade

Language and international trade prepares you for careers in multinational firms. This interdisciplinary program provides language skills, cultural information and an understanding of the fundamental business and economic concepts essential for those in management and marketing positions in firms that operate in the global economy. Most recent data suggest that the job market for these occupations is likely to remain favorable.

Language and international trade BA Program


  • French
  • French culture studies
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  • German culture studies
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