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Latino and Latin American Studies

painting by Luis Hurtado of a human heart with orange flowers and green leaves behind it
Painting by Luis Hurtado

What is LLAS? 

Latino and Latin American Studies (LLAS) is an interdisciplinary area of scholarship that explores the past, present, and future of these communities. It engages scholarly frameworks that, even as they draw from field specific research techniques such as literary or anthropological analysis, engage different critical ways of knowing from Latino and Latin American perspectives in order to reframe how information is identified, examined, and questioned. This program thereby attends to one of the fastest growing demographics in the U.S. and assists in providing students with different paths of inquiry into the worlds in which they live.

This program explores the multiple roots that comprise Latino and Latin American identity in all its variations. It questions the histories of different nations, specific communities within the nation-state, and the multiple formations of coloniality that have led to our current moment. This program also encourages students to consider how to reformulate understandings of contemporary public issues and the viability of alternative forms of knowledge as providing key insights into potential platforms for social-justice activities and initiatives. 

Course Requirements

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Roberta Hurtado
Director, Latino and Latin American Studies

Roberta Hurtado

What can you do with this minor?

This minor provides a framework for studying your own major! Students across the country who have graduated with minors in Latino and Latin American Studies have entered into fields such as engineering, medical sciences, biochemistry, education, and more! For more information, check in with Career Services.

If you are interested in the possibility of an in-house internship, contact Tina Cooper in EXCEL for more information.


Dr. Roberta Hurtado

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