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Imagine 2022

January 3 - January 23

In this FREE 3-week program, SUNY Oswego students and the Class of 2021 will have the opportunity to connect with alumni and employers to kick-start career development as you discover the best career path, search for internships and jobs, hone your online presence, and connect with professionals!

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Hannah O'Brien

January 20, 12-:30-1pm

My Identity and My Career

Join Hannah O’Brien '17, M'19, as she chats about her identity and her career. Hannah completed her undergraduate degree in Childhood Education and her master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction at SUNY Oswego. 

Paul and Nikki

January 20, 3-4pm

Day Session with Paul Austin and Nikki Brown

Join our class of 1989 alumnus Paul Austin and class of 2018 and 2022 alumnus, Nikki Brown as they discuss their work with IBM and how their time at Oswego has helped their careers.


January 20, 5-6pm

Day Session with Kathleen Dickinson '16

Join class of 2016 alumna, Kathleen Dickinson, as she discusses her work in school psychiatry and her many experiences at Oswego.


January 19, 6-7pm

Level Up: Negotiating Higher Benefits and Salary

Your starting salary after college can have a tremendous effect on your lifetime earning potential.  Learning how to assess your value in the job market and successfully negotiate a higher level of benefits and pay are important to your long-term financial success.


January 19, 5-6pm

Day Session with KPMG


Join our KPMG alumni representatives Erin Gantley '20, Spencer Johnson '19 M'20, Brian Moore '15, and Robert Cowan '08 as they discuss their time at Oswego and how they gained their positions with KPMG.

Kaitlyn Jackson

January 19, 4-5pm

Using LinkedIn to Power Up

Kaitlyn Jackson of will make sure you learn how to use LinkedIn like a boss. The session will cover components related to making connections with alumni and others, finding opportunities like internships and jobs, enhancing your skills through LinkedIn Learning, joining professional associations, and more.

Kaitlyn Jackson

January 19, 12-1pm

Rock Your Profile

Kaitlyn Jackson of will help you explore how to create a LinkedIn profile that brings your personal career story to life, whether you’re just starting out, seeking to advance, or making a career change. 


January 19, 11-12pm

Day Session with Craig Wiseman '03

Join class of 2003 alumnus, Craig Wiseman, as he discusses his time at Oswego and how he gained his position as Senior Producer at MSNBC.

Phil Alfaro

January 18, 6-7pm

The Freelance Marketplace: Full-time Career or Part-time Work

Phil Alfaro, a 1985 SUNY Oswego graduate, has had an amazingly successful career as an award-winning professional, digital nomad and founder of Silicon Valley startups—and he wants to help you explore this option. The freelance marketplace has exploded to become the fourth largest industry in the country.

Beyond Social

January 18, 4-5pm

Beyond Social: Unleash Your Digital Superpowers

Join esteemed alumni and LinkedIn professionals for this panel presentation about the critical importance of managing the vast landscape of your digital world as you forward your professional career. 

Mary Kate Lee Schutt

January 17, 12-12:30pm

Mindful Monday: Savoring What's Good

For this Mindful Monday, join positive psychology coach Mary Kate Schutt '17 to learn the superpower of savoring. Gain simple skills to make mundane moments extraordinary. Learn how to create more mindfulness and meaning in your everyday life. Discover the magic that's around you each and every day, and learn how to tap into it at a moment's notice.


Living Your Best Life

Coming soon: a series of super-helpful videos on a variety of topics to help you stay healthy and productive!


Maximize Your Learning

Coming soon: a series of super-helpful videos on a variety of topics to help you succeed academically and beyond!


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