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Walt Disney Internships

Our students have the opportunity to intern with the Walt Disney Company through two internship programs.

Students in any major can choose to intern and work at a Disney park through the Disney College Program. Internship opportunities for specific majors also exist through the Disney Professional Internships where students can work for Walt Disney and their subsidiaries.

Disney College Program

SUNY Oswego juniors and seniors have the opportunity to spend a fall, spring or summer semester in Orlando, Florida, as a full-time, paid intern at Walt Disney World. As a Disney intern, you'll have the opportunity to advance your strengths and interests, meet guests, and cast members from around the world, and gain transferable skills including problem-solving, teamwork, and effective communication.

Internship Positions and Housing

The Walt Disney World College program has a variety of positions in operations, entertainment, lodging, food and beverage, retail/sales, and recreation throughout their resorts. As an internship benefit, company-sponsored housing is available to all Walt Disney World College Program students at a reasonable weekly rate.

Disney College Program

Disney Professional Internships

The Disney Professional Internship Program offers opportunities specifically for your major, with internships available in finance, engineering and technology, animal programs, management, creativity, and broadcasting. You can search for open positions within the many Disney subsidiaries including Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Consumer Products, and Interactive Media, ESPN, ABC, Marvel, LucasFilm, and more.

If you’re interested in applying, be sure to check each individual position post for eligibility, preferred qualifications, and requirements. Accepted SUNY Oswego students can consider this a co-op.

Disney Professional Internships

Academic Credit

SUNY Oswego's guidelines for earning academic internship credit or zero credit co-op are as follows (Disney does not require students to be registered for credit):

  • Juniors and seniors can earn from 0 to 12 credits
  • A minimum 2.5 overall GPA is required
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they meet SUNY Oswego's internship requirements and can receive academic credit before accepting an offer from Disney or paying a program deposit.
  • International students should see their International Student advisor before applying for any Disney College Program internship.