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Faculty Sponsors


A Faculty Sponsor is defined as a professor in a student's major area of study who is willing to approve and mentor an Internship or Co-op, create and review learning objectives with the student, decide the assignment criteria for the evaluation of the experience (example: research or reflection paper), review timesheet hours and evaluations and give the student a grade upon completion of the Internship or Co-op.

Faculty Sponsor GuidelinesFaculty Sponsor Tutorial

Faculty Sponsor Roles and Responsibilities

  • Review the 5 Phases for a student to register and complete an Internship/Co-op
  • Review Internship/Co-op Course Prerequisites and Requirements
  • Review the Students Approved Site Verification Form
  • Discuss and Assist the Student in the Development of Learning Objectives
  • Determine Academic Assignments, Due Dates, and Mode of Submissions
  • Give Final Approval to the Position and Academic Credit
  • Mentor the Student Throughout the Process
  • Review Timesheet Hours, SkillSurvey Site Evaluation (discuss and share with student), Academic Work and Assign Final Grade

 Internship/Co-op Standards and FactsAcademic AssignmentsSkillSurvey Guide