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Mission and Goals

Program Mission

The intent of the Educational Administration Program at SUNY Oswego is to prepare students to assume entry level administrative leadership positions in elementary and secondary education, and to successfully carry out the range of tasks and activities typically encountered within the performance contexts of school administration.

Program Goals

The five goals that form the heart of the department's program are derived from an examination of the conditions current students are likely to face in the future as they carry out the role responsibilities of school administrators. The goals, therefore, constitute exit outcomes that embody the complex role performances that will be required of them in those future contexts, and are expressed in the form of skills. 

Each skill area is considered to be comprised of both the knowledge necessary to function effectively in that area, and the competencies to apply that knowledge in a particular context with its attendant challenges and opportunities.

Upon completion of the Educational Administration Program, graduates will be able to:

  1. provide direction for and facilitate group decision making and problem solving to accomplish collective tasks and objectives;
  2. intervene using formative supervision and summative evaluation procedures to promote the effective performance of staff members;
  3. express, through oral and written communication, ideas, information, and intentions in ways that are understood and accepted;
  4. provide change-oriented leadership by translating knowledge, competence and interpersonal skills into improved organizational arrangements and outcomes; and
  5. facilitate through effective collaboration and organization the development and implementation of a shared vision that meets the educational needs of students and that addresses the educational aspirations of staff, parents, and the community.

Contact Us

We are a fully remote program! No need to come to campus, all classes are offered online.

Department Chair

Professor Angela Perrotto
Phone: 585-217-7142
[email protected]

Department Office

307 Park Hall
Phone: 315-312-2264 
[email protected]