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Health Promotion

Health Promotions provides SUNY Oswego students with information and education so they can make informed decisions regarding their health and wellbeing.

The Oz Peer Eds (Peer Health Educators) are dynamic students who are ready to make a significant contribution to SUNY Oswego. They believe in their ability to stimulate personal growth in others as well as themselves and they recognize this talent as vital for a healthier student community. The Oz Peer Eds take part in the creation and delivery of positive health messaging.

Three students preparing for Outreach, smiling for the camera. One of the young women holds a red bag with the Outreach logo and gives a thumbs up

Do You Want to Become an Oz Peer Ed Or An Intern?

There is an application and interview process. It's not important to have prior training or experience in health promotion or education. Students must also meet eligibility requirements outlined in the application. If you are interested in becoming an Oz Peer Ed, please fill out our application form on Handshake! To become an Oz Peer Ed Intern, you must become an Oz Peer Ed first.

Oz Peer Ed application

"I became a Peer Health Educator because I wanted to better serve my fellow peers and be more involved on campus. I also wanted to improve my leadership skill. I’m so grateful for the many opportunities that I got through this program, and all the wonderful friends I made."

"I love to stay involved on campus and being an outlet for my peers to come to if they ever have any questions!"

"I love helping people and I like being able to tell students the resources that we have on campus. Also, it’s just so much fun."

"I’ve always had a passion for helping others and this program seemed like a fun way to do that!"

The Experts team at a tabling event. The three students are all wearing red shirts and smiling at the camera

The Sexperts

SUNY Oswego Sexperts are students who have extensive training on the topic of sexual and reproductive health and share that information with their peers through outreach, presentations, and other on campus events.

Do You Want to Become a Sexpert, Intern, or Volunteer?

There is an application and interview process. It's not important to have prior training or experience in health promotion or education. Students must also meet eligibility requirements outlined in the application.

To request the Sexperts come speak to a group, fill out our form below. Please allow two weeks for scheduling. It's the responsibility of the person making the request to reserve a meeting space. 

Health Promotion Workshops & Programs

Stand Up! Don't Stand By!

Step Up! Bystander Intervention Training

Bystander Intervention training is an interactive peer-led discussion based group that will help you develop the skills needed to intervene in a harmful/hurtful situation, while also keeping yourself safe.

Developed at the University of Arizona, the goals of Step UP! are to:

  • Raise awareness of helping behaviors
  •  Increase motivation to help
  • Develop skills and confidence when responding to problems or concerns
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of self and others

Some topics include: Sexual assault, depression, alcohol use, hazing, and dating violence.

Bystander Request Form

The words Safe Zone above an illustration of college students who are different colors of the rainbow

Safe Zone Training

A safe zone (or safe space) is a confidential place where all people can bring their authentic selves and feel safe, welcome, and included. Some takeaways from this program include:

  • Explain the difference between sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
  • Define terminology used to describe sexual orientation, and gender identity/expression.
  • Identify ways to create an inclusive classroom and campus space for LGBTQ+ students.
  • Explore ways to support LGBTQ+ people in the coming out process.

We strongly encourage this to be a training that people want to attend, not something that is mandatory.

Safe Zone Request Form

2 women smiling and pointing at their Destress for Success slide on a projection screen

DeStress for Success

A six week workshop series based on the science of positive psychology that was developed by the Lerner Center at Syracuse University. This is currently offered as a quarter course (HSC 162: Thrive) as well as a non-credit bearing workshop. For more information contact Shelly Sloan at [email protected].

Junk Mail (Condom Delivery Service)!

Super busy? Our delivery service is just for you! We'll deliver your order to your mailbox (on campus only). Off campus students can pick up their order at 501 Culkin. We offer internal and external condoms, lubricant, finger cots, and dams.


Places to find condoms on campus

  • Health Services (Mary Walker Building)
  • Health Promotion Office in 501 Culkin 
  • Vending machines (On campus): 3 for $0.75
  • Sexual Health Vending Machine (Penfield) *FREE
  • Marano Campus Center: Be on the lookout for our pop up events!

*For special requests involving large orders, please email Shelly Sloan at least a week in advance.

Residence Life Staff

If you are an RSS staff member who would like to request information, supplies or condoms for your on campus program, please fill out the request form below or email details to Shelly Sloan at least two weeks in advance of the program date.

Office Of The Dean of Students

501 Culkin Hall

Oswego, NY 13126


315-312-5483, Fax: 315-312-2503

[email protected]


M-F, 8am-4:30pm

Summer Hours: M-F, 8am-4pm