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Emergency Information

If a disaster or emergency is affecting the SUNY Oswego community, updates can be found on our homepage. We also encourage our campus community to sign up New York Alert using the link below.

Updates and important instructions will be available as long as the situation has not affected our ability to edit these resources. To report an accident or emergency situation on campus, call University Police at 315-312-5555 or 911.

New York Alert

SUNY Oswego is one of many State University campuses that have adopted the emergency messaging platform New York Alert. New York Alert is powered by Everbridge—a global company that provides enterprise software applications that automate and accelerate an organization’s operational response to critical events in order to keep people safe and businesses running. 

At SUNY Oswego, the system will only be used for emergency communication or to inform the campus community of a campuswide cancellation of classes due to severe winter weather. Only SUNY Oswego University Police and Office of Communications and Marketing staff will have the ability to send emergency alerts to members of the Oswego campus community.

New York Alert is a critical communications platform built on a secure, scalable and reliable infrastructure with multiple layers of redundancy to enable the rapid delivery of critical communications, with near real-time verification, over numerous devices and contact paths. The system allows e-mail, telephone and text messages to be sent automatically to all members of the campus community who have provided their contact information. 

Sign up or unsubscribe

Emergency Contact Information Form

When subscribing, you must provide at least one email address. You may also choose to provide:

  • up to two cell phone numbers to receive text alerts
  • up to two landline phone numbers to receive voice alerts

Be aware that the automated system will attempt to contact every number that you list. We advise that you provide the numbers used the most for text and/or voice messages.

Planning and Procedures

SUNY Oswego has engaged in extensive planning for weather, public health, and other emergencies. The Oswego community has a tradition of staunchly withstanding storms and rallying to the aid of those in need when trying times hit. We coordinate our planning with the Oswego County Emergency Management Office and the Oswego County Health Department, as well as State University and New York state officials.

SUNY Oswego will continue to operate at some level in most foreseeable circumstances, including various degrees of "states of emergency" that area municipalities may declare. Only the governor has the authority to close a State University campus.

Aside from the occasional snowstorm, the college has been spared serious emergencies in its 150-year-plus history. With in-depth planning and the cooperation of members of the campus community, any emergency that does arise will pass with minimum disruption to the lives of our students and other campus community members. 

For information on emergency management and response procedures, see University Police's Emergency Preparedness page.