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Graduate Programs

The program is based on the conviction that the needs of students are best met in a program where much individual attention is possible. The course training is equivalent to the standards set for the PhD, regardless of whether the MS is to be terminal or preparatory to the PhD degree.

The department currently offers three graduate tracks:

  1. Thesis option: For students who would like to have more research experience. It requires lesser course work, more research, research thesis, and defense. It is ideal for students who would like to apply for jobs after graduation.
  2. Non-thesis option: For students who like to increase their knowledge base as well as to have exposure to research. It requires more coursework and some research. It is ideal for students who would like to apply for PhD programs as well as jobs after graduation.
  3. Professional option: For students who would like to pursue a career in the business side of chemistry field. It requires both chemistry and business coursework as well as an internship. Students in this option may also choose to perform research in addition to the internship.

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This program is designed to allow students to pursue advanced training in chemistry – which focuses on a variety of career goals, both academic and professional, bolstered by individual mentoring and extensive research opportunities.

Chemistry MS

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Master of Science

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Professional Science Master's

The Professional Science Master's is an innovative graduate degree that allows students to pursue advanced training in chemistry, while simultaneously developing workplace skills highly valued by employers. This non-thesis degree prepares students for career opportunities in businesses utilizing advanced chemistry courses coupled with an internship and selected business courses.

Professional master’s programs consist of two years of academic training in an emerging or interdisciplinary area, along with a professional component that may include internships and cross-training in business and communications. All have been developed in concert with industry and are designed to dovetail into present and future professional career opportunities.

The Professional track option is designed for candidates possessing a bachelor’s degree in chemistry who choose not to pursue a doctorate, but need/want additional training and skills both in science and business to compete in today’s global market. The PSM is designed as a terminal degree preparing candidates for entry directly into the workforce by preparing them through professional coursework in business and a three-credit-hour internship in a related setting. 

What is a Professional Science Master's (PMS)?

  • The Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree is an innovative graduate degree designed to prepare students for science careers in business, government, or non-profit organizations.
  • The PSM combines rigorous study in science or mathematics with skills-based coursework in business, management, policy, law, or other fields.
  • It emphasizes the written and verbal communication skills, leadership, and team-building required in professional settings.
  • PSM programs are interdisciplinary in nature, preparing students for fields such as forensic science, computational chemistry, financial mathematics, and bioinformatics.
  • The degree can be completed in two years of full-time study, including a “real world” internship.
  • PSM programs are unusually nimble in adjusting to shifting workforce demands and to rapidly changing research strategies and technologies; most have established advisory committees of local employers to ensure their curriculum is responsive to regional workforce needs.
Application process
  1. The online application goes to the Graduate Office (Room 602 in Culkin Hall).
  2. Once your application is complete, the Graduate Office sends your folder to the Department of Chemistry.
  3. Every graduate faculty examines your application folder and votes to accept or not.
  4. A letter of decision is sent to the Graduate Office from the department.
  5. The Graduate Office will examine your folder and inform you about the final decision.
  6. Decisions on assistantships are made by the Department of Chemistry. For fall semester applicants, it will be decided in late April. For spring semester applicants, it will be decided in late November. Every year we have a limited number of TA positions, and these will be given to top-performing students.
  7. Faculty may like to meet with eligible students before offering any assistantships. There is no application deadline. However, there is a deadline to be considered for teaching assistantships (see #6). Note that incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the department for review. Please inform the chemistry graduate coordinator when you submit your online application. See application information.
Application requirements
  1. Application fee, $50.
  2. Submission of Online Graduate Application Form Official transcripts (sent separately from your application).
  3. Minimum two names and their email addresses who will submit a letter of recommendation for you, using our online system (the online system will send them an email).
  4. TOEFL (only by International students which must be sent directly by the testing center).
  5. OPTIONAL: Summary of your research, resume, GRE scores, etc.
Financial information

Teaching assistantships

The Department of Chemistry has seven TA lines overall and every year we have openings for 3-4 teaching assistantships. Teaching assistantships are contingent upon adequate progress towards a degree and performance as a TA. A teaching assistantship includes a yearly salary in the amount of ~$13,000 (exact amount is subject to budget approval) and a yearly tuition award (which will be paid toward tuition) in the amount of ~$7,200 (exact amount is subject to budget approval), health, dental, and vision insurance coverage, and retirement benefits. In-state students are expected to pay fees and any remaining balance in their account. Out of state and international students are expected to pay the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition rates.

Summer research stipends

There are funds available to students as summer research stipends. You need to talk to your research advisor about applying for Graduate School Summer Fellowship or for departmental summer fellowships. Usually, you need to apply for these fellowships around March/April.

Residential assistantships

There are three types of residential assistantships which are available for the admitted graduate students. All requires you to work 20 hrs per week. In order to be considered for these assistantships, you need to apply to Residence Life and Housing Office at 303 Culkin Hall. Visit Student Staff Positions for more information.

  • Graduate Resident Mentors (GRMs) live in apartments on the resident floors in Hart Hall. Along with the Hall Director, Faculty Director and Faculty-in-Residence, GRMs assist in the delivery of the Hart Global Living and Learning Center program. Compensation includes: Tuition waiver (in-state rates) and stipend each semester as well as a fully furnished apartment, basic telephone, free parking, and full meal plan while classes are in session during the Fall and Spring semesters. Stipend amount is pending budgetary allowance and subject to appropriate personal income taxation as determined by the IRS code. For up-to-date information, please visit their website.
  • Assistant Hall Directors (AHDs) are part of the professional staff of our larger residence halls. Each of these halls has one Residence Hall Director and one Assistant Hall Director. The AHD assists the RHD in developing a positive community in the hall. Specific duties typically include supervision of the service desk operation as well as overall facilities management. Compensation includes an annual stipend of $7,000 and tuition assistance for six credits the first semester of employment and nine credits a semester thereafter (in-state rates). A furnished apartment is provided as well as basic telephone service and parking. A full meal program is provided for the AHD and his/her spouse/qualifying domestic partner (subject to annual budgeting approval from Auxiliary Services) while classes are in session for the Fall and Spring semesters. For up-to-date information, please visit their website.
  • The Fitness Centers Graduate Assistant (GA) serves as the Assistant Manager of our two comprehensive fitness facilities, Cooper and Glimmerglass. Compensation includes Stipend of $7000 per year (with a $250 increase for the second year). Full tuition assistance for nine credits per semester (in-state rate), meal plan while classes are in session during the Fall and Spring academic semesters, and free parking permit ($130.00). For up-to-date information, please visit their website.

FESTA Fellowship

The Festa Fellowship provides a unique, professional leadership experience in a chosen field of interest offering stipends of up to $10,000 to support outstanding graduate students who wish to pursue advanced leadership experiences in their fields of study. Some examples of successful proposals include:

  • shadowing a corporate CEO or other organizational leader 
  • working on a public policy issue with a legislator or public official 
  • developing a significant project for a non-profit organization

These fellowships are not designed to be traditional internship experiences; they are intended to give the recipient exceptional and unique leadership experiences. 

The major goal of this fellowship program is to provide a mentored experience that will help the recipients advance into leadership positions. For application materials and more information about the Festa Graduate Leadership Fellowship, contact the Graduate Office at 606 Culkin Hall.


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