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Facility Rental Policy


These guidelines establish priorities and policies for the use of the SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus facility to ensure that the facility is available to serve the interests of the SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus and of SUNY College at Oswego as a whole.

A. SUNY OSWEGO’S SYRACUSE CAMPUS FACILITY USE PRIORITIES The mission of the college is, “to contribute to the common good by lighting the path to wisdom and empowering women and men to pursue meaningful lives as productive, responsible citizens.” As such,

  • The primary activity at SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus is education and rental activities may not impede, hinder, or disrupt teaching and learning. SUNY Oswego classes and activities will receive priority over those of other organizations and entities.
  • Thereafter, facility rental for events and activities that “grow vital communities and economies at the local, regional and state levels and help develop the citizens, leaders and workforce that communities need to improve and enhance their vitality” will be scheduled during regular hours of operation, space permitting and subject to approval of the Facility Manager.


  • Organizations and individuals seeking to rent space at SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus should contact the Facility Manager by calling (315) 399-4100, e-mailing: [email protected], or complete the room rental request form.  You will be contacted upon receipt for further information or to confirm reservation.
  • A written explanation of the nature of proposed activities is required.
  • Facility use may be denied based on facility capacity limitations, potential disruption to instruction, building related issues, appropriateness of the activity, or security issues.
  • Organizations seeking a reduced rental rate must request it in writing during the room reservation process, including indication of the rationale for the reduced rate and provide proof of not-for-profit status to keep on file at SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus. Reduced rates will only be awarded with approval of the site manager.
  • Programs being held for SUNY Oswego fundraising purposes must be approved by the Vice President for Development, Alumni Relations.


  • See SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus Rental Rate Schedule.
  • The user agrees to pay fees within 30 days of invoice receipt.

D. TERMS OF USE SUNY College at Oswego, the State University of New York, and the State of New York rules and regulations must be respected and adhered to by all users of the SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus. These rules include but are not limited to the following:

  • A representative or designee from the renter must be present throughout the event.
  • The use of caterers must be approved in advance by the SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus Facility Manager; an approved list of caterers is available upon request.
  • Rental of furniture or equipment not available at the SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus is the responsibility of the user; such rentals must be coordinated in advance with the SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus Facility Manager.
  • Users may not state or imply College sponsorship or endorsement of their activities without written College consent.
  • The filming or photographing of activities or facilities at SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus must be approved in advance by the SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus Facility Manager.
  • Equipment may not be brought into SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus and connected with the electric or data service without prior permission of the SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus Facility Manager. Use of SUNY Oswego equipment may require training prior to the event.
  • Smoking is prohibited in The Atrium building and must occur outside at designated smoking areas, and at least 20 feet away from any entrance/exit.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus unless prior written approval by the Vice President for Administration and Finance is obtained.
  • All facilities must be left in the same condition in which they were found and ready for subsequent use.
  • The SUNY Oswego’s Syracuse Campus user assumes responsibility for any loss/damage incurred. Costs for any damage to the building or equipment will be billed to and paid by the use

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