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Students or student groups and organizations who have violated the Student Code of Conduct and receive imposed sanctions are considered to be not in Good Standing with the Office of Student Conduct. Good Standing includes a requirement that all matters pending before the Office of Student Conduct have been fully and finally resolved including, but not limited to, full satisfaction of any disciplinary sanctions imposed or active status (period of observation and review) has been lifted.

Students or student groups and organizations who are not in good standing may be ineligible to participate in College activities or programs, hold positions with campus offices and/or organizations, or run for or hold certain campus-wide leadership positions.

Organizational Sanctions

Student Groups or Organizations who have been suspended may apply for reinstatement. Re-recognition is possible but not guaranteed and will only be considered after the end of the suspension period and based on meeting all re-recognition criteria and obtaining clearance from the College. Any evidence that members of a student group or organization have attempted to sustain an unofficial student group or organization will result in individual charges and will postpone the group or organizations ability to be reinstated or registered in the future.

Administrative Actions

Under the Code of Conduct, interim actions can include separation from the institution, denied access to college housing or restrictions on participation in the community, including class attendance for any student or organization, pending the outcome of a hearing. Those who violate the terms of an interim action may be subject to more severe disciplinary action and/or arrested for trespassing.

Interim Suspension

Interim Suspension may be implemented by the President or designee when the presence or alleged action of a student or student organization may pose an imminent threat to the safety of the campus community or any of its members, to preserve College property, the student or student organization poses a threat of disruption or interference with the normal operations of the College, or can reasonably be deemed to expose the campus community or any of its members to additional harm in a future context.

No Contact Orders

No Contact Orders are directives issued by the Dean of Students or designee or University Police prohibiting communication between or among designated students. No Contact Orders are issued when, in the judgment of the Dean of Students, there is reason to believe that an order would be in the best interest of all parties and the community for maintaining peace and safety. No Contact Orders prohibit all forms of communication between designated students, direct or indirect, written, electronic or through a third party.


No Contact Orders differ from court imposed restraining orders and do not guarantee that designated parties will avoid sightings or passing interactions on the campus or in the local community. In some circumstances, No Contact Orders may restrict a student from parts of the campus except for required academic activities. Students who are concerned about personal safety should contact University Police or local police. Students who have questions about No Contact Orders may request a meeting to speak with the Dean of Students.

Policy Review of No Contact Orders

Both the reporting party and the accused shall, upon request and consistent with SUNY Oswego policies and procedures, be afforded a prompt review, reasonable under the circumstances, of the need for and terms of a no contact order, including potential modification, and shall be allowed to submit evidence in support of his or her request. SUNY Oswego may establish an appropriate schedule for the reporting party and the accused to access applicable buildings and property at a time when such buildings and property are not being accessed by the reporting individual. Modification to the terms of a No Contact Order is at the discretion of the Dean of Students. Involved parties requesting a review should contact the Dean of Students office by phone at (315) 312-5483 or via email at [email protected].