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Support for Quest Presenters


Step 1. If applicable, discuss your Quest contribution with your advisor/mentor.

Step 2. Find out who is your departmental Quest rep (see the list below) and contact that person to learn more about the submission process and the type of events that your department sponsors this year.

Step 3. Run all of your submission materials by your direct mentor and submit your information on time (see schedule below).

Step 4. Submit your poster for free printing on time (see directions and schedule below).


  • A hybrid event on April 18/19th: events might be online or in-person; Zoom links might be available for additional attendance; the Zoom session will be provided to you- you must not create your own; by default, Zoom sessions will be recorded;  the types of hybrid events available will be department-specific; the deposit of your poster or recorded oral presentation into university SUNY Digital Library is available as an opt-in; the length of each session will be 45-50-minutes long, with 10-15-minute breaks in-between
  • Submissions to departmental reps will open on March 10th and close on March 24th via Google forms
  • Departmental representatives will provide data to Quest organizers on March 31st via Google forms
  • The schedule will be published on April 5th; users will be able to sort it by subject, time, and presenter
  • Posters may be submitted for printing (at no cost) no later than April 5th; you can print your poster at your own cost after this date (see directions below the rep list).

You Will be Asked to Submit the Following Information:

  • Submission Type (e.g., a poster or a talk)
  • Presenter(s)/Author Name(s) (full formal First and Last name)
  • Mentor/Sponsor Name (full formal First and Last name)
  • Title (check with the mentor)
  • Abstract (under 250 words; please ask the mentor to edit)
  • Description/Accommodations/Needs/Special Requests

Quest 2022 Reps:

Field Name Contact
Anthropology  Alanna Ossa [email protected]
Art  Ben Entner [email protected]
Atmospheric and Geological Sciences (Geology)  Justin Stroup [email protected]
Biological Sciences  Paula Fredette [email protected]
Biomedical and Health Informatics  Isabelle Bichindaritz [email protected]
Chemistry and Biochemistry  Kristin Gublo [email protected]
Communication Studies  Serenity Sutherland [email protected]
Computer Science Jae Woong [email protected]
Counseling and Psychological Services Tiphanie Gonzalez [email protected]
Criminal Justice  Jeremy Shifton [email protected]
Curriculum and Instruction Sarah Fleming and Tania Ramalho [email protected], [email protected]
Economics  Mihai Paraschiv  [email protected]
Electrical and Computer Engineering  Sungeun Kim [email protected]
English and Creative Writing Bethany Arcuri <[email protected]> [email protected]
EXCEL:  Experiential Courses and Engaged Learning  Sheila Cooley [email protected]
Extended Learning Division  Melissa Semione [email protected]
Gender and Women's Studies  Joanna Goplen  [email protected]
Global Studies Stephen Rosow [email protected]
Graduate Studies Kristen Eichhorn [email protected]
Health Promotion and Wellness  Jessica Harris [email protected]
History  Lyn Blanchfield [email protected]
Human Development  Rebecca Burch [email protected]
Library  Zachary Vickery [email protected]
Linguistics Program Taylor Miller [email protected]
Mathematics Rasika Churchill [email protected]
Modern Languages and Literatures  Brenda Farnham [email protected]
Music  Juliet Forshaw  [email protected]
Office of Diversity and Inclusion  Anneke McEvoy [email protected]
Office of International Education and Programs  Joshua McKeown [email protected]
Philosophy  Craig DeLancey [email protected]
Physics  Shashi Kanbur [email protected]
Political Science Allison Rank [email protected]
Psychology  Gilian Tenbergen,  Emily Bovier [email protected][email protected]
School of Business  Kristin Sotak [email protected]
School of Education Teacher Opportunity Corps II (SOE Field Placement Office)  Nichole Brown [email protected]
Sociology  Evelyn Benavides [email protected]
Syracuse Campus  Ryan Lynn [email protected]
Technology Rich Bush [email protected]
Theatre Toby Malone [email protected]


How to submit a poster:

1) Work with your mentor, carefully edit the content of your poster, and ask your mentor to proof it.

2) 36-inch high, 48-inch wide posters are recommended but smaller posters are allowed and encouraged. Light-color backgrounds only, please.

3) To submit your finalized pdf, use this link until April 5th @ 11:59 PM.

4) To print on your own, feel free to reach out to Port City Copy Center at (315) 216-6163. Their website is and their email is [email protected]. As an alternative, you may also contact Speedway Press which is also located in Oswego. Speedway's email is [email protected] ( and their phone number is (315) 342-1363. many online retailers are also available.