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Quest Representatives

Please start collecting information on March 10th and submit your departmental Quest information using this link by March 31'st. If submitting after 3/31, please follow up with an email to [email protected].



1) Please plan for 10 to 15-minute breaks between the sessions.

2) The keynote from SOB in the Campus Auditorium; the main poster session in the DFS Ice Arena.

3) Web-based schedule.

4) Abstracts under 50 words.

5) Opt-in, not opt-out for recordings.

6) Faculty to Archive Library event at 8 AM.

7) Please encourage faculty and departmental guests to be speakers @ your event.

8) Please encourage light background for posters.


  • 1) QUEST serves different roles for different departments. At a departmental meeting, please discuss with your colleagues what kind of event your department wants to sponsor. Talks, competitions, panels, debates, shows, posters, readings, recitals, departmental award ceremonies, and demonstrations are only a few examples of such events. For oral/ performance-based presentations, there will be two options for presenters: I) presenters are all in-person, or II) presenters are all remote.  For the audience, there will be three options: I) the audience is all in-person, II) the audience is all remote, or III) the audience is hybrid. You will choose and inform us of your preference.
  • 2) Please inform Quest organizers who represent your department.
  • 3) Contact all students, faculty, and staff in your department and let them know about Quest.
  • 4) Start thinking about your preferences for the list of information that you will be asked to submit later on (see below). 
  • 5) Time permitting, please create a Zoom session for April 19th and share that link with Quest organizers.
  • 6) Time permitting, please set up a Google form to collect necessary information from all of your Quest presenters (see an example form below; please include a required question about recordings).


  • A hybrid event on April 18/19th: events might be online or in-person; Zoom links might be available for additional attendance; the Zoom session will be provided to you- you must not create your own; by default, Zoom sessions will be recorded;  the types of hybrid events available will be department-specific; the deposit of your poster or recorded oral presentation into university SUNY Digital Library is available as an opt-in; the length of each session will be 45-50-minutes long, with 10-15-minute breaks in-between; posters should be 36 by 48 or smaller and with the light background please; breakfast food & drinks at Marano and Shineman; snacks for the poster session
  • Submissions to departmental reps will open on March 10th and close on March 24th via Google forms
  • Departmental representatives will provide data to Quest organizers by March 31st via Google forms
  • Please expect a request to provide feedback on April 5th. The finalized web-based schedule will be published on April 9th.
  • Posters may be submitted for printing (at no cost) no later than April 9th; you can print your poster at your own expense after this date.
  • You will gather data from your faculty and students using your own Google form, organize it into sessions 45-50-minute sessions, and provide all data in your preferred order, time, and location; the submission for students and faculty should open on March 10th, and close on March 24th; it all should be edited and submitted to Quest organizers by March 31st via Google forms that Quest organizers will provide to you only. Posters should be submitted for the poster session time, and will be held in the ice-arena. Posters will be printed for free as long as they are submitted on time (see directions for presenters; please encourage light background).

If you have questions or updates, please contact us at [email protected].

Please Expect to Submit This Information to Quest Organizers:

  • Department/Program
  • Submission Type (request from the presenter)
  • Presenter(s)/Author Name(s) (request from the presenter; full proper name suitable for publication please)
  • Mentor/Sponsor Name (request from presenter; full proper name please)
  • Title (request from the presenter)
  • Abstract (request from the presenter and edit if needed; under 50 words)
  • Description/Accommodations/Needs/Special Requests (request from the presenter)
  • Quest Location (for presentations and events- preferred room in Marano/Shineman/Tayler plus your backup room; for posters only - Syracuse/Oswego)
  • Requested Room Capacity
  • Expected Time Frame
  • Sessions (listed as Part I, II, etc.; session Chair must be listed- it could be you or someone else; you should arrange presenters in the order that makes sense from your field perspective; leave 10 to 15 minutes in-between the sessions)
  • Anticipated poster size if different from 36 high 48 wide (for posters only)
  • Number of Presenters
  • Individual Student Section Descriptions (for groups only - optional)
  • Zoom link (for hybrid sessions and for recording purposes); inform us if it should be publically displayed
  • Technology requirements (a podium computer and a HuddleCam are going to be provided for all hybrid sessions)

Example Form for Presenters You Can Create to Collect Information About Presenters is Provided at This Link.

Please Submit Your Departmental Quest Information using this link by March 31'st. If Submitting After 3/31, Please Follow up With an eMail to [email protected].


Helpful points

  • We will not know/build the schedule until after the submission process is complete.
  • The overall sessions will be based on 45-50 minute blocks, allowing for a 10-15 minute transition.
  • If you have specific requirements, they need to be submitted in the submission form. We have provided a space to indicate room preferences, technology, special needs, etc.
  • The online submission form will be the only format we will be accepting information for Quest programming.
  • Multiple sessions should be noted as Part I, Part II, and further explained under special requests within the submission form if needed; the session Chair should be named; speakers should be arranged in the proper order by you.
  • There is no limit on poster submissions. We will do our best to accommodate all that are submitted by the deadline.
AnthropologyAlanna Ossa[email protected]
ArtBen Entner[email protected]
Atmospheric and Geological Sciences (Geology)Yonggang Wang[email protected]
Biological Sciences (contact for students)Paula Fredette[email protected]
Biological Sciences (coordination)James MacKenzie[email protected]
Biomedical and Health InformaticsIsabelle Bichindaritz[email protected]
Chemistry and BiochemistryKristin Gublo[email protected]
Communication StudiesFrancisco Suarez[email protected]
Computer ScienceJae Woong[email protected]
Counseling and Psychological ServicesTiphanie Gonzalez[email protected]
Criminal JusticeJeremy Shifton[email protected]
CSTEPChristina Vasquez[email protected]
Curriculum and InstructionSarah Fleming[email protected]
Dean's Writing AwardsMichael Murphy[email protected]
Economics Mihai Paraschiv [email protected]
Electrical and Computer EngineeringSungeun Kim[email protected]
English and Creative WritingLaura Donnelly[email protected]
EXCEL:  Experiential Courses and Engaged LearningSheila Cooley [email protected]
Extended Learning DivisionMelissa Semione[email protected]
Gender and Women's StudiesJoanna Goplen [email protected]
Global StudiesLisa Glidden[email protected]
Graduate StudiesKristen Eichhorn[email protected]
Health Promotion and WellnessJessica Harris[email protected]
HistoryLyn Blanchfield[email protected]
Human DevelopmentRebecca Burch[email protected]
LibraryZachary Vickery[email protected]
Linguistics ProgramTaylor Miller[email protected]
MathematicsRasika Churchill[email protected]
Modern Languages and LiteraturesBrenda Farnham[email protected]
MusicJuliet Forshaw [email protected]
Office of Diversity and InclusionAnneke McEvoy[email protected]
Office of International Education and ProgramsJoshua McKeown[email protected], [email protected]
PhilosophyCraig DeLancey[email protected]
PhysicsShashi Kanbur[email protected]
Political ScienceLisa Glidden[email protected]
PsychologyAdam Fay[email protected]
School of BusinessKristin Sotak[email protected]
School of Education Teacher Opportunity Corps II (SOE Field Placement Office)Nichole Brown[email protected]
Sociology Evelyn Benavides[email protected]
Syracuse CampusRyan Lynn[email protected]
TechnologyRich Bush[email protected]